Setting up VNC Viewer on TASKalfa MFPs

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In this article we walk through the steps of setting up the VNC viewer. This guide is for specifically setting up VNC Viewer on Kyocera Multifunction models (##02/##52) and higher. Learn why you should use the VNC viewer on your MFP Copier.

1. Type your machine’s IP address into the URL bar of a web-browser

(If you do not know your machine’s IP address, see our guide here: How to find your IP address)

How to enter your IP Address in your browser

2. You will receive a certificate error. Press ‘Show Advanced’ and then ‘*Proceed to *Your IP address*’

(This example is from Google Chrome. If using another web browser, your certificate error will look slightly different. Just make sure to proceed to the site.)

Your Connection is not Private warning

3. Login with your credentials

(The picture below is just an example. For administrator credentials, please reach out to your IT administrator or your Kyocera Service Provider)

Kyocera administrator credentials
Kyocera Admin Login

4. Highlight ‘Network Settings’ and click ‘Protocol’

Kyocera Network Settings

5. Scroll down until ‘VNC (RFB):’. Turn this on, scroll down, and press ‘Submit’

(Make sure that the port number is ‘9062’. Remember what your port number is for later when you install and run the VNC Viewer on your computer.)

Turn on the VNC Viewer

6. Highlight ‘Management Settings’ and click ‘Remote Operation’


Press Remote Operation Settings

7. Turn Remote Operation ‘On’ then press ‘Submit’

Remote Operation Settings

8. Download the ‘VNC Viewer’ application.

(This can be downloaded at

‘VNC Viewer’ application

9. Click the download to run the VNC Viewer Application and begin installing it

run the VNC Viewer

10. Select language and press ‘OK’

Install the VNC Viewer

11. Press ‘Next’

VNC Viewer Setup

12. Check the box accepting the EULA and press ‘Next’

Install VNC End- User Agreement

13. Press ‘Next’

(If you would like to change the path of the installation, you can do this by pressing ‘Browse’ and choosing a a custom path.)
Install VNC Viewer

14. Press ‘Install’

Ready to install VNC Viewer

15. Press ‘Finish’

Install VNC Viewer setup

16. Run VNC Viewer

(You can search for and find the application by pressing the windows button and typing ‘VNC’. Click the ‘VNC Viewer’ application to run it.)
Run the VNC Viewer

17. Enter the IP Address of the Machine Followed by :9062 then Press Enter

VNC Connect

18. Press ‘Continue’

VNC Server
VNC Main View

You’re done!

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