Installing FM Web Audit onto Windows from the Installer Email

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1. Open your email and find the installer email

(You may need to check your spam folder or spam service to see if it is being blocked. Mine were being blocked and I had to allow it to pass through the spam filter. The email will show up as below.)

FM Web Audit Installer

2. Press the ‘Onsite’ link

(You will be brought to the FMWA site where you will be able to download the installer.)

FMWA site

3. Press the ‘Download Onsite’ button

Download Onsite Button

4. Click on the launcher in the bottom left hand corner

(If you do not see it there, check the downloads folder in your web browser. Most browsers will let you see this by pressing “Ctrl+J”.)

Click the Installer

5. A warning will likely appear. Press ‘More Info’ and ‘Run Anyway’

Windows Run
Windows protect your PC

6. Choose the installation path and press ‘Next’

(Press ‘Change’ if you would like to specify your own path. The default path should be fine in most cases.)

FMAudit Onsite Setup

7. Press ‘Next’ to initiate the installation

(After you press ‘Next’ the installer will go through a series of processes to install the software. Please let them all finish. Once they have finished you will see the picture in step 8.)

FMAudit Ready to install

8. Press the ‘Finish’ button to complete the installation

FMAudit Onsite Finish installation

You can now look up ‘FM Onsite’ in your search bar and will be able to run the software if you would like.

8a. Logging in

(If you decide to run the software you will be prompted to login. The username and password will already be filled out. Just press ‘Login’.)

Login to FM web Audit

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