How to Change Fax Result Report Settings

Estimated reading time: < 1 min

1. Press the ‘System Menu’ button

(Depending on the model of machine, there may be a button on the touch screen, as a hard button, or both.)

System Menu

2. Press the ‘Report’ button

Fax result report settings

3. Press the ‘Result Report Setting’ button

Fax Result Report

4. Press the ‘Send Result Report’ button

Report Fax Settings

5. Press the ‘Fax’ button

Fax Report Send Settings

6. Choose the desired setting, then press ‘OK’

(Choose ‘Off’ if you never want reports printed when faxing. Choose ‘On’ if you would like a report to be printed out every time a fax is sent. Choose ‘Error Only’ if you would like a report to be printed only when there is an error sending the fax. Choose ‘Specify Each Job’ if you would like to be prompted whether you would like a report printed out every time you fax.)

Fax Report Settings

You’re finished!

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