How to Change the Default File Name for Scanned Documents

Estimated reading time: < 1 min

1. Press the ‘System Menu’ button

System Menu Button

2. Press the ‘Common Settings’ button

System Menu Edited

3. Press the ‘Down Arrow’ to go to page 2

Common Settings - Down Arrow

4. Press the ‘Function Defaults’ button

Functions Default Button

5. Press the ‘Down Arrow’ to go to page 4/5

Functions Down Arrow

6. Press the ‘Change’ button next to ‘File Name Entry’

File Name Entry

7. Edit the default file name

(The blue color of ‘Job No’ and ‘Date and Time’ means that they will show up in the file name. Press those buttons until they are white to turn off the ‘Job No’ and ‘Date and Time’ from the default naming convention. Press the ‘File Name’ button to then change the rest of the default file name.)

Edit the file name - Kyocera
Default file name

8. Press ‘OK’ to finalize changes

File name entry

You’re done!

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