How to Create a Network Shared Folder

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Here is a brief video from Sam on how to create a network shared folder on a Windows OS

1. Open up ‘Windows Explorer’

Open "Windows Explorer"

2. Click on ‘This PC’

Click on this PC

3. Click on ‘C://’

how to share folder in network

4. Right click and select ‘New -> Folder’

(You can create this folder anywhere but we recommend placing it here for ease of setup. If you put it in a different location you will have to fill out a different path than in the coming examples)

Add a new folder on your PC

5. Name the folder then right-click and select ‘Properties’

(I chose ‘Scan’. You can choose what ever you want.)

Click on the folder properties

6. Click on the ‘Sharing’ tab

Click on Sharing tab of your scan properties

7. Click on the ‘Share’ button

Click on the sharing properties in scan folder

8. Press the ‘Share’ button

Network Access Press the Share Button

9. Press ‘Done’

Press Done in the Network Access Folder

10. Write down your ‘Network Path’

You will need your Network Path for adding the folder to your MFP

how to create shared network folder windows 10

11. Click on the ‘Security’ tab

share folder on network windows 10

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