How to Reset the Job Accounting Counter

Estimated reading time: 1 min

1. Type your machine’s IP address into the URL bar of a web-browser

(If you do not know your machine’s IP address, see our guide here: How to find your IP address)

Enter your IP Address

2. You will receive a certificate error. Press ‘Show Advanced’ and then ‘*Proceed to *Your IP address*’

(This example is from Google Chrome. If using another web browser, your certificate error will look slightly different. Just make sure to proceed to the site.)

Your connection is not private IP Warning

3. Login with your credentials

(The picture below is just an example. For administrator credentials, please reach out to your IT administrator or your Kyocera Service Provider)

Login Credentials
Kyocera Admin Login

4. Scroll down and highlight ‘Management Settings’ and click ‘Job Accounting’

Management Settings kyocera job accounting windows 10

5. Click the ‘Counter’ button of the account you would like to reset the counter for

Counter Button for your account

6. Scroll down and press the ‘Reset’ button

kyocera job accounting setup

7. Press the ‘Reset’ button to confirm and perform the reset

Job Accounting Counter Reset

You’re done!

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