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Document Management Services

Managing documents is a mission-critical business function.

Document Management systems that are reliable and scalable allow businesses to automate print workflows and streamline scanning/capturing, storing, sharing, and retrieving data at a high level of security.

BDS’s document management system installed on your printer fleet allows you to manage your source documents efficiently and deliver their content consistently.

Implement our document management systems, streamline your business processes, and increase employee productivity. Share secure documents, enhance business agility, and implement a print governance plan.

Document Management Workflow

Document management capabilities with your multifunction printer (MFP).

Scan Documents

Scan or Capture Documents

All your business documents can be scanned or captured to be accessed anytime, anywhere from your computer. Several scanning options are available with your MFP. In your secure Account, you can consolidate both paper and electronic documents.
Store Documents

Store Documents

Your account allows you to store and manage electronic documents and files. The documents can then be indexed appropriately and automatically stored, making searching, and retrieving them easy. An application of a bar code sheet to the documents makes this possible.
Share Documents

Easily Share Documents

A document management solution can provide powerful collaboration tools, including group sharing, to help you work efficiently with remote clients and employees.
Retrieve Document

Retrieve Your Documents

With an integrated document management system, you can store all your documents in one single secure location, which means fewer interruptions and no waiting for files. Access your files from anywhere.
Document Management Security

Document Management Security

By integrating document management services, you can ensure that only authorized personnel can access your proprietary data. With usernames and passwords in place, you can track who has accessed your system, what information they have viewed, and when. Document Management Solutions enable control over workflows, permissions, backups, and versioning.

Why Choose BDS for your Document Management Needs?

We can help your business set up Document Management software to better control printing and enforce your print policy. With over a decade of experience, we will find you the right document management software based on your budget and IT requirements, whether you choose a cloud or on-premise system.

Contact our team to get started now!

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