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Financial Services Document Management

Financial Services Document Management

The Financial Services industry has a variety of documents that need to be managed, regardless of the industry, such as banking, mortgage companies, insurance companies, or government agencies.

Are you ready to ditch the paperwork and create an efficient workflow for your company’s financial documents? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

You’ll learn how integrated document management systems can improve your financial processes by document storage solutions, capturing, retrieving, sharing, and controlling documents from your multifunction printer/copier (MFP). Managing documents successfully is essential for running your business efficiently. In today’s fast-paced financial industry, staying organized and efficiently accessing your data will dramatically increase your success. Unsure what Document Management is? Read our original post here.
Document Storage Solutions

Document Storage Solutions

  • Financial document management systems are used by financial firms to collect and store documents, manage them securely, and grant access instantly based on permissions. Establish data retention and destruction policies that follow regulatory requirements. A document management system for financial services may be vital to manage all that paperwork efficiently through your MFP.

Financial Documents

Control your Financial Documents Workflow

  • With a document management system, you will be able to control the workflow for your financial documents. Using the financial document manager, you can automate, set up workflows based on rules, and efficiently manage your documents on your multifunction device. All employees can access financial documents based on rules-based permissions.

Financial Compliance

Meets Financial Compliance Guidelines

  • We know that Financial Companies, Banks, Insurance Companies, etc., are subject to strict compliance guidelines regarding your documents. You can count on Document Manager to handle your document retention and reporting needs. Legal requirements store each record, so every transaction is trackable. Document Security is ensured through multiple encryption layers in Document Manager.

Secure Document Sharing for Financial

Secure Document Sharing for Financial

  • Security in the financial sector is critical whether you are protecting paper or digital documents. With Financial Document Management Systems, contributors can share large files and create and edit documents with the utmost levels of security. Create, transfer, edit, and contribute to a file or document with appropriate sharing permissions while working together with another team member.

Financial Document Visibility

Visibility into your Financial Documents

  • Do you know when and where the financial document was received and recorded? At what point in the business process workflow is it? Who last accessed the financial document and edited it? Using a Document Manager, you can see each point in the document’s lifecycle.

Secure Document Access

Get Access to your documents immediately

  • Documents are instantly accessible.  By using digital workflows, you’ll be notified automatically whenever a change in status occurs, such as adding new financial records.

Choosing the right Financial Services Document Management

A secure financial services software lets you securely organize and facilitate information sharing between departments, customers, and employees. BDS will develop a comprehensive print security policy that includes data protection via access control, user authentication, data encryption, and continuous network monitoring to minimize the risk of a data breach. Contact our team today to get started.

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June 27, 2022
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