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Printing and Technology Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations

Many nonprofits still heavily rely on traditional printing methods to ensure successful fundraising and marketing to sustain financial stability.

Using our nonprofit solutions, you can leverage optimal print management operations, scale quickly, and fulfill your mission without getting bogged down in IT issues. Are you producing sponsorship brochures and donation flyers as efficiently as possible? We work with you to find the right MFP copier or printer that meets your nonprofit budget.

Printing Services for Nonprofit Organizations

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Multifunction printer Leasing

BDS has you covered with the best selection of multifunctional copier machines available for your nonprofit staff to work more efficiently while reducing printing costs from high-speed MFP copiers to compact printers.
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Secure Document Management

Secure Document management allows nonprofit organizations to organize and facilitate information sharing between offices, staff, and vendors. BDS will develop a comprehensive print security policy that includes data protection via access control, user authentication, data encryption, and continuous network monitoring to minimize the risk of a data breach.
Healthcare IT Compliance

Efficient and Cost Effective Mailing

Direct mail is one of the nonprofits’ main tools to keep in touch and maintain a strong presence. Depending on the amount of mail sent out, this activity can be time-consuming and costly. We offer nonprofits two mailing solutions: postage meters and folders/inserters. Once you preload credit onto a postage meter, you can immediately begin saving time at the post office and 10% on every letter you mail. A folder/inserter can also feed, fold, insert, and seal letters up to 1,350 times faster than a human can.
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Managed Print Services for Nonprofit

Your organization can benefit from optimal print management operations through our solutions, scale quickly, and continue carrying out its mission without IT barriers.
Remote Printing

Remote Printing

Nonprofits can add remote printing capabilities to their existing infrastructure to allow printing from any mobile device, tablet, or laptop while running on the go. We know how important it is to print from anywhere while fundraising.
Ink, toner, consumables

Subscriptions for Ink, Toner, and Other Consumables

We remotely monitor all your networked printers and copiers for toner and ink levels, so you never run out in the middle of a print job. For ink and toners, we carry a range of OEM and compatible supplies for most models.

Why Choose BDS for your nonprofit print solutions?

Implementing BDS’s solutions can increase the efficiency of your nonprofit and help with managing copiers and printers across your nonprofit organization by reducing downtime and hassle. The expertise of our team can help you create a cost-effective workflow, increase efficiency, and allow you to focus on your fundraising and awareness efforts. Equipment leasing, postage meters, printing management, document management, and copy ink and toner subscriptions are all services we provide you as a valued client.

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Does your nonprofit organization need in-house print services?

Utilizing print services is often among the most efficient strategies for charities and nonprofits to connect with donors, generate funds, and enhance public awareness.

Intelligent Mail Indicia will be mandatory for all postage meters by December 31, 2024.

In line with the Postal Service’s continuous drive to enhance service and efficiency, mailers are urged to embrace IMI FP-certified meter systems.

Benefits of Leasing a Kyocera Multifunction Printer

Leasing Kyocera printers can be more cost-effective than purchasing them outright for many small and medium-sized businesses.