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Printing Services for Nonprofit Organizations

nonprofit printing services

Why does your nonprofit organization need in-house print services?

Today, nonprofit organizations can only operate by leveraging print solutions. The use of print services by charities and nonprofits can be one of the most effective methods for reaching donors, raising funds, and raising awareness. Improve your visibility with top-level signage for your nonprofit organization at your home office and out in the field.

Organizations with the right print equipment, personnel, and training can perform nonprofit printing services in-house. This article discusses the benefits of printing for nonprofits and how to maximize a multifunction copier to produce print material when needed.  Print, scan, fax, and copy directly from your nonprofit office.

Nonprofit print solutions

The multifunction copier can print, scan, fax, and copy simultaneously. You save space, increase efficiency, and reduce printing costs while saving money for your nonprofit.

Printing in color and B&W is effortless with multifunction printers. In addition, they can print dozens or hundreds of pages in a short amount of time. From flyers, brochures, and signs to fundraising flyers, efficiently produce large volumes of documents with an MFP.

Benefits of Nonprofit Printing Services

Key benefits of leasing or purchasing a Multifunction Machine for your Nonprofit office.

Fundraising Printed on Demand

Does your organization need your print material on demand? Multifunction printers deliver polished and professional results with text, photos, and graphics. Print nonprofit material on demand with a multifunction printer that fits your paper demands, no matter how big or small.

Profit Organization’s Brochures and Flyers

Communication tools such as brochures, business cards, and flyers allow you to convey your message in a small print piece. An organization’s brochures are often the hook that draws potential donors to its website or another marketing channel. Save time and money by printing folder brochures in-house with a multifunction copier.

Direct Mailing Services

Design, print, and deliver effective direct mail and cross-media marketing campaigns that suit your needs. Postage meters and folders/inserters are two mailing solutions that benefit nonprofits. Save time by not going to the post office and save 10% on every letter you mail. A folder/inserter can also feed, fold, insert, and seal letters quickly and efficiently.

Nonprofits Can Print From the Cloud

Nonprofits and charities can benefit from cloud printing, regardless of location and current infrastructure, regardless of their organization’s size.

With cloud printing for nonprofits, nonprofit organizations can engage donors and supporters, deliver effective programming, and accelerate mission outcomes.

Control Your Nonprofit Print Costs

Multifunction printers can reduce your budget over time without incurring printer fees. Print vendors’ costs have disappeared, and you no longer have to pay for deliveries. Further, you will have even greater flexibility regarding how many, where, and when you print.

Print Finishing Options

Multifunction printers can make it easier for nonprofit organizations to print and finish marketing materials such as direct mail and ads at their facilities. Multifunction printers can integrate print finishing techniques to help you increase your in-house marketing efforts and reduce marketing costs.

Add these finishing options to increase your brand awareness with printed marketing material.

  • Print Your Booklets with the Booklet Finisher
  • Hole-punching accessories can be used with printers with inner finishers.
  • With the stapling function, you can staple documents automatically as they print.
  • You can fold printed paper with the optional folding finisher.

Learn more about print finishing for your multifunction device here.

Managed Print Services

Organizations can reduce costs and streamline their print environments with Managed Print Services (MPS). Many MPS providers provide strategies tailored to nonprofit organizations.

Here are five ways that Managed Print can benefit your nonprofit organization:

  1. Save money
    An MPS provider will thoroughly audit your organization’s print environment to find ways to save money and streamline your printing. Managed print services can reduce nonprofits’ printing costs by up to 30%.
  2. Establish a Predictable Budget
    You can consolidate all your orders with MPS at one location, ensuring your organization’s print budget is predictable and consistent.
  3. Optimized Equipment Use
    Your managed print provider will ensure your equipment is adequately maintained and inspected to perform at its best.
  4. The Ability to Work More Efficiently
    Using data collected from your print audit and constant monitoring, MPS will offer solutions to optimize your print environment.
  5. Streamline Your Print Workflows
    A print provider will analyze your current document workflow and recommend MFP copiers and printers tailored to your print environment to improve document processing, security, and cost efficiency.
Save Time and Money with In-House Nonprofit Printing Solutions

Nonprofit solutions vary according to the individual needs of each organization. Partner with a managed print services provider to receive a thorough audit of your print environment and determine if in-house printing is a viable option.

It is expensive and time-consuming to outsource your printing projects, and printing in-house can save you time and money. With BDS, we help you determine the optimal printing solutions for your offices while reducing overhead costs.

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BDS is an authorized office technology provider/reseller with corporate headquarters in Marlborough, MA, and offices throughout New England and Florida. Since 1978, we have supported local customers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Florida with copier and printing solutions.
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November 1, 2022
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