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Nonprofit Printing Services for New England and Florida Businesses

Nonprofit Printing Services

Nonprofit organizations rely heavily on effective communication to achieve their goals.

Printed materials are essential for spreading awareness, raising donations, and recruiting volunteers for various causes in today’s digital age.

At BDS, we understand nonprofits have unique needs and provide them with the office equipment necessary to succeed. Our nonprofit printing services offer customized solutions to enhance their message and positively impact their communities.

Enhancing Nonprofit Operations: Our Comprehensive Printing Solutions

Printer Leasing for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit work must be efficient and cost-effective. BDS offers a range of multifunctional copier machines that streamline operations and reduce printing expenses. We have what you need from Multifunction copiers (MFPs) to compact desktop printers. Nonprofits can boost their efficiency with our copier machines with competitive leasing prices. 

Nonprofit print solutions

Efficient and cost-effective mailing

Nonprofit organizations still use direct mail to communicate, but managing large volumes can be time-consuming and expensive. BDS offers two mailing solutions tailored to nonprofit needs: postage meters and folders/inserts.

With a postage meter, nonprofits can preload credit to save time at the post office. In addition, they can receive a 5% discount on every letter mailed. Our folders and inserters automate the process, handling folding, inserting, and sealing up to 1,350 times faster than manual methods.

Secure Document Management

Effective information sharing is essential for nonprofit organizations to coordinate efforts between offices, staff, and vendors. BDS is a top provider of secure document management solutions. We help create print security policies to keep sensitive data safe. We minimize the risk of data breaches by using access control, user authentication, data encryption, and continuous network monitoring.

Managed Print Services for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofits need an efficient print management system to focus on their mission without IT barriers. With BDS’ managed print services, nonprofit organizations can scale quickly and efficiently. We ensure that your printing infrastructure supports your organization’s goals through proactive maintenance and supply management.

Remote Printing Capabilities

Today’s nonprofits require the ability to print from anywhere, at any time. Using BDS’ remote printing capabilities, nonprofits can stay productive on the move using mobile devices, tablets, or laptops. Our remote printing solutions keep you connected and productive whether you’re fundraising in the field or working remotely.

Ink, Toner, and Consumables Subscriptions

Out-of-ink or out-of-toner situations can disrupt operations and waste valuable time. BDS offers a remote monitoring service for all networked printers and copiers, removing worries about running out of supplies. You can always rely on us for most models’ OEM and compatible ink and toner supplies.

Advantages of Nonprofit Printing Solutions

Explore the essential benefits of integrating a Multifunction Machine into your nonprofit office setup.

On-Demand Fundraising Materials

Is your organization always in need of print materials? Multifunction printers can produce high-quality text, images, and graphics quickly for nonprofit materials, no matter the size needed.

Crafting Nonprofit Brochures and Flyers

Communication tools such as brochures, business cards, and flyers effectively convey your message concisely. Brochures are usually the first thing potential donors see when they learn about your organization online or in person. You can save time and resources by producing these essential print assets in-house using a multifunction copier.

Enhanced Print Finishing Capabilities

Nonprofit organizations can use multifunction printers to print and improve marketing materials like mail and ads at their office. These devices leverage print finishing techniques to bolster in-house marketing efforts while reducing associated expenses.

  • Produce booklets with the Booklet Finisher. Utilize hole-punching accessories with printers featuring inner finishers. Automate document stapling with built-in stapling functionality.
  • Choose optional folding finishers to streamline paper folding tasks. Discover more about print finishing possibilities tailored to your multifunction device’s capabilities.

BDS offers nonprofit printing services that save you time and money

Nonprofit services vary based on an organization’s unique needs. Partner with BDS, the #1 office equipment and solutions provider, to receive a thorough audit of your print environment. This will determine if in-house printing is a good option.

Printing in-house can save you time and money by eliminating the need to outsource projects. With BDS, you’ll be able to find the ideal printing solution for your nonprofit while reducing overhead costs.

Headquartered in Massachusetts, BDS helps New England and Florida nonprofits reach their goals. Contact us to get started today!

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April 24, 2024

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