Printers for Nonprofit

BDS offers high-quality printing services tailored specifically for nonprofits.

Printers play a crucial role in the day-to-day operations of nonprofits, facilitating communication, marketing, fundraising, and administrative tasks.

Nonprofits can produce high-quality printed materials in-house, control costs, and respond to organizational objectives with multifunction printers.

By having printers in-house, nonprofits can exercise enhanced control over their printing processes, improve the quality and effectiveness of their printed materials, manage their costs more efficiently, and adapt quickly to changing needs. In-house printing helps nonprofits improve communications and build stronger relationships with stakeholders.

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For nonprofit organizations, printers are essential.

BDS provides cutting-edge office copier machines and unparalleled service and support. As a company with offices in New England and Florida, we strive to maintain a strong relationship with our customers. Assisting nonprofits is a priority for us.

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Control Over the Production Schedule

Nonprofits often operate on tight timelines, especially during fundraising campaigns, events, or advocacy initiatives. By having printers in-house, organizations can control production schedules and turnaround times. They no longer need to rely on external vendors’ availability, which can be crucial when facing urgent printing needs or unexpected changes to plans.

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Tailored Print Solutions

Nonprofits have unique print finishing requirements. With in-house printing capabilities, organizations can customize solutions to meet their specific needs and preferences. Whether it’s adjusting designs, choosing paper stock, or experimenting with different printing techniques, nonprofits have the freedom to tailor their printed materials to best serve their goals and audience.

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Cost Management and Budget Control

Outsourcing printing services can incur additional costs, such as markups, shipping fees, and rush order charges. By bringing printing capabilities in-house, nonprofits can better manage printing budgets and allocate resources more efficiently. They have greater visibility into printing expenses, allowing for more accurate cost projections and strategic decision-making.

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Adaptability to Changing Needs

Nonprofits operate in dynamic environments, where priorities, strategies, and messaging can evolve rapidly. In-house printing provides the flexibility and agility needed to adapt to these changes effectively. Organizations can quickly iterate on designs, revise content, or launch new initiatives without being constrained by external vendors’ limitations or timelines.

Copier Leasing for Nonprofits

With copier leasing, nonprofits can access copier and printer technology at a lower cost while minimizing financial risk. Leasing a copier allows you to upgrade or scale it based on your changing needs. A copier lease can also give you access to the latest technology, such as high-speed scanners and digital fax machines. With copier leasing from BDS, maintenance, supplies, and support are included.

Postage Meters for Nonprofits

Postage meters offer nonprofits a cost-effective, efficient, and professional solution for managing outgoing mail. By streamlining the mailing process, providing cost savings, enhancing branding opportunities, and ensuring compliance with postal regulations, postage meters contribute to the overall effectiveness and success of nonprofit communications strategies.

Print Solutions for Nonprofits

We manage your printing process, providing remote monitoring to detect problems early. Our team also handles updates and changes to keep your systems running smoothly. BDS offers managed print solutions for nonprofit organizations that improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Why Choose BDS for Printers for Nonprofits?

You can count on BDS for top-quality office copy equipment in New England or Florida. Providing cutting-edge printers, copiers, mailing equipment, wide-format printers and plotters, and scanners to nonprofits in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Florida is part of our extensive range of solutions.

BDS stands apart with our comprehensive product offering and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We ensure a local presence with strategically positioned offices and skilled technicians in Northern and Central Massachusetts, Florida, and Northern Connecticut. This translates into prompt and efficient support for our clients.

Multifunction printers (MFPs) can come with finishing options and functions that can benefit nonprofits.

By leveraging these finishing options, nonprofits can produce a wide range of printed materials quickly and efficiently. This is without outsourcing or investing in additional equipment. This can help them save money, maintain control over production, and ensure their printed materials meet professional standards.
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MFPs can automatically collate multiple documents, useful for producing reports, newsletters, or training materials.

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Multifunction printers have stapling capabilities, allowing nonprofits to create booklets, presentations, or packets without a separate stapler.

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Hole Punching:

MFP Printers can come with hole-punching finisher, making it easy to prepare documents for filing or insertion into binders.
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Certain MFPs offer folding options, enabling nonprofits to create brochures, flyers, or mailers with professional folds.
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Booklet Making:

Advanced Multifunction devices may have booklet-making features, allowing nonprofits to produce professional-quality booklets or pamphlets in-house.
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While less common, some printers may have binding capabilities, which can help create reports, manuals, or presentations.
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MFPs can automatically stack or sort printed documents, making it easier for nonprofits to handle large print jobs and keep documents organized.
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Depending on the MFP model, nonprofits may have the option to customize finishing settings to meet specific needs, such as adjusting staple position or hole-punch location.

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BDS can help you find the right copy machine to enhance your business productivity. We can help you lease one or a fleet of copiers.

There are several advantages to leasing a copier, including lower costs, maintenance packages, and a reduced environmental impact. The leasing of a copier conserves capital, prevents inflation, and reduces equipment obsolescence risks.