Two Ways to Find the IP Address on a Kyocera Machine

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Here is a great video from Sam explaining a few ways to find the IP address of your Copier/MFP

1. Through the ‘Device Information’ page

  1. Press the ‘Device Information’ button
  2. Write down the IP address

MFP Home - how to find kyocera printer ip address

how to find ip address of kyocera printer

2. Printing the machine’s ‘Status Page’

  1. Press the ‘System Menu’ button

MFP Control Panel Edited

  1. Press the ‘Report’ button

Press the ‘Report’ button

  1. Press the ‘Status Page’ button
  2. Press ‘Yes’ to print the page

Print Status Page

  1. This is where the IP address is located on the Status Page

how to find kyocera printer ip address

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