Printing Booklets from ‘Office’ applications

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1. Open the booklet to be printed, then press ‘File’ then ‘Print’

booklet to be printed

2. Select the correct printer then press ‘Printer Properties’

booklet layout and printing open office

3. Configure the ‘Basic’ tab settings

(You will want to make sure that you select the proper ‘Media Type’, the destination should be set to ‘Folding Tray’, and the orientation should be set to ‘Landscape’.)
Configure the ‘Basic’ tab in Print Settings

4. Click on the ‘Layout’ tab

Basic Tab Driver

5. Select ‘Left Edge Binding’

Layout > Left Edge Binding

6. Click on ‘Booklet Settings’

Layout Booklet Settings

7. Select ‘Create from Application Settings’ and ‘Staple and Fold Settings’ then press ‘OK’

(It is up to you if you want to only fold or if you would like to staple and fold. You will want to have ‘Number of Sheets’ set to ‘Auto’.)
Staple and Fold Settings

8. Press ‘OK’

Layout Tab Driver Finish

9. Configure ‘Application Settings’ then press ‘Print’

(You will want to make sure that the application settings are set from top to bottom to ‘Print All Pages’, ‘One Page Per Sheet’, the size you would like to print on, ‘Print on Both Sides’, ‘Composite RGB’, and if you do not wish to have to set this up again, check the ‘Save Settings with publication’ box)
open office print booklet

You’re finished!

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