How to Add a Scan-to-Folder Entry via the MFP’s Control Panel

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Need the proper steps to set up scan to folder on a Kyocera TASKalfa series copier/MFP? In this article, we will walk through how to scan to the folder through the control panel on a Kyocera printer.

1. Press the ‘Send’ button on the Kyocera Printer Control Panel

Once in the control panel of the Kyocera TASKalfa, press the send button.
Step one - Scan to folder on a kyocera

2. Press the ‘Address Book’ button

(If your machine opens directly to the address book, skip this step. The default of opening to this screen or the address book when pressing the send button can be changed.)

Address Book Kyocera

3. Press the ‘Add/Edit Address Book’ button

Once in the Kyocera Address book settings, click on the Add/Edit address book. This will bring up the address book on your MFP.
Press the "add/edit/ Send Menu

4. Press the ‘Add’ button

Next we will click the add button to be able to scan to a new folder.
Add Destination

5. Select ‘Contact’ and press ‘Next’

Select Contact and press next

6. Enter the name

(Enter the name to be displayed in the address book for this folder.)

Enter Name - MFP Control Panel - kyocera scan to folder

7. Fill out the Host Name, Path, Login Name, and Password

(If you do not know this information, contact your IT administrator.)

Add Path & Authentication - MFP Control Panel

8. Press the ‘Connection Test’ button to make sure the fields were filled out properly

Press the connection test button

9. Press the ‘Save’ button

Save Button | MFP Printer

You can now see the newly added entry available. With Kyocera’s Scan to Folder Setup Tool for SMB you can easily send scanned images to a folder using the SMB protocol.

kyocera scan to folder | MFP Printer

You can set up the destination in the address book and, optionally, as a One Touch Key on the MFP. As part of the setup process, the Setup tool registers the entry in the address book and identifies the PC associated with it.

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