Registering a Device with Kyocera Fleet Services at the MFP Control Panel

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Here is a video from Sam showing two different ways to register your device with Kyocera Fleet Services. We will go over specifically how to register from the MFP’s control panel

1. Press the ‘System Menu’ button

Select the Function - System Menu - kyocera fleet services

2. Press the ‘Down Arrow’

Press the down arrow on the Control Panel interface - kyocera fleet services

3. Press the ‘System/Network’ button

System/Network button in the control panel

4. Login with credentials

(The following is just an example. For administrator credentials, please reach out to your IT administrator or your Kyocera Service Provider)

Login with your credentials

5. Press the ‘Down Arrow’

Kyocera Fleet services System/Network

6. Press the ‘Remote Services’ button and set it to ‘On’. Press ‘OK’

Control Panel Remote Settings
Control Panel Remote Settings On

7. Press the ‘Server Settings’ button

Press the Server Settings Button

8. Enter your Access Code by pressing the ‘Access Code’ button. Press ‘Register’

(Make sure that your URL matches the one in the picture. The Access Code is case-sensitive.)

Access Code by pressing the ‘Access Code’ button

Control Panel Success

Upon completion you will see the second screen. It should say “Registered Group Name: *Your Group Name*”. You’re done!

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