Inserting a Pre-Printed Cover Page when Printing Booklets

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Please see our guide on Printing Booklets from ‘Office’ applications if you need any assistance with printing booklets.

1. Open the booklet to be printed, then press ‘File’ then ‘Print’

how to print booklet on kyocera class=

2. Select the correct printer then press ‘Printer Properties’

Printer Properties on Kyocera MFP

3. Click on the ‘Publishing’ tab

Print Publisher Tab

4. Click to enable ‘Cover Mode’ and select the proper settings

(Here you will be able to choose if the cover is ‘Front & Back’ or just ‘Front’, as well as which tray the cover page is pulled from.)
Cover page edit

5. Press ‘OK’

Click cover page

6. Press ‘Print’

booklet printing kyocera

You’re finished!

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