How to Toggle Private Print on Windows

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Here is a brief video from Sam on the basics of how to use Private Print. Please note that in order to permanently enable private print, you must enable it within the printer object by following the steps below this video.

1. Open the ‘Control Panel’

(You can open the search bar or start menu of Windows 10 and type ‘Control Panel’ to bring it up)

Open the ‘Control Panel’

2. Press ‘View Devices and Printers’

(If you can’t find it, sort by category and your screen will look identical to mine)

Press Devices and Printers

3. Right click on the desired printer and select ‘Printer Properties’

Select printer properties

4. Press on the ‘Preferences’ button

Press on the "Preferences" Button

5. Click on the ‘Job’ tab

Job Tab - Printer settings

6. Click on ‘Job Storage (e-MPS)’ box

Job tab edited

7. Click the drop-down menu and select private print

Select Private Print

8. Choose whether to prompt for access code on printing

(Leave ‘Prompt for Access Code’ checked if you want to type in the code every time a user prints or uncheck it and type the code in the box below for easier workflow)

Prompt for Access Code - Printing

9. Press ‘OK’

Prompt for code

10. Press the ‘Advanced’ tab

Press Advanced Tab

11. Press the ‘Printing Defaults’ button and repeat steps 5-9

Properties private printing option

12. Press the ‘OK’ button

Press ok to apply kyocera private print instructions

You’re done!

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