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Best Printer for Small Business

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Finding the best printer for your small business can feel overwhelming. BDS's guide to finding the best printer for your small business will help make that process simpler.

The right printer can make all the difference in your office. From high PPM (Pages Per Minute) speeds to high print volume and compatible ink cartridges, the right printer can elevate your printer infrastructure to new heights. Looking for the best printer for a small business can feel overwhelming, as there are so many options available, and smaller businesses often have tighter budget constraints.

Although the task may feel impossible, it does not have to be. BDS offers a wide range of high-quality printers for small offices looking for a boost in performance. Some of the most common types of printers we offer to small businesses include:

Today, we will examine the unique strengths of each type of printer and what they can do for your office. We will also explore some financing options to ensure your new equipment is within your budget. By the end of this guide, you should feel confident in knowing your options and which type of printer will be best for your office.

Why Is Finding the Right Printer for Small Business Difficult?

Finding the right small business printer

Small businesses often face budget constraints that can make investing in new, advanced equipment more difficult than, say, an enterprise business. Printers are expensive, and putting down money for a new printer is a huge investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

However, some small businesses may not realize they have options outside buying brand-new equipment, like purchasing a certified preowned device or leasing. Both financing options can significantly offset the substantial associated costs of investing in this kind of equipment.

Also, finding the right printer for a small business can be difficult because of the large number of printers available. Business owners may not be as educated in printer technology and may need further assistance in determining which is right for them due to the large volume available.

This is where BDS shines, as our dedicated print experts excel at matching clients with the perfect printer for their unique business. Our experts consider the size of your business, industry, and other factors to recommend the most helpful printers for your unique office.

We can even help you determine the cost per page, printer supplies, and other expenses related to maintaining your printer. Hence, you are fully aware of the commitment before investing. Our experts are personable and trustworthy, so you can feel comfortable sharing any budget concerns regarding your investment.

Printer Leasing at BDS

When considering financing options for your printer, leasing is the most popular option, especially for small businesses. Leasing your printer equipment allows you to incorporate innovative and cutting-edge printing equipment for just one low monthly payment. At BDS, the defining characteristic of our printer leasing program is flexibility.

We offer flexible lease and payment terms to ensure you can comfortably manage your payments. Additionally, we offer upgrade options to help you adapt as your business expands and needs change. Our equipment hails from the top printer technology brands in the world, including:

As certified resellers of these office printer products, these brands have authorized us to sell, service, and maintain these devices by the manufacturers. So, investing in printer leasing with BDS will grant you access to all these top brands at a fair and affordable price, with BDS’s signature customer service to match.

Purchasing Certified Pre-Owned

Some businesses prefer ownership of their printers, and BDS has a financially safe option to help offset the high associated costs. Our certified pre-owned printers are rigorously tested and examined to ensure they perform optimally in your printing environment. Our expansive portfolio of certified pre-owned printers from the top brands in the world is a perfect option for businesses that are okay with the associated responsibilities of ownership.

It’s worth mentioning that purchasing a certified pre-owned device means fewer restrictions on what you can do with it. For instance, when you lease a printer, you are bound by a contract to ensure the proper use and care of your device since the print partner you are leasing with officially owns the device.

When purchasing pre-owned, you don’t have to worry about any restrictions. As the owner, you are free to do whatever you want with your device. That includes selling it, adding any features or modifying it, and making any other changes you’d like to make.

Business Printers at BDS

business printers at BDS image

Now that we’ve discussed the various financing options available to small businesses, it’s time to explore the different types of printers that may work best for your small office. Business printers are a perfect option for businesses looking for a reliable everyday printer that can keep up with their essential printer duties.

A business printer is an encompassing category of printers specifically designed for business use. Given its expansiveness, the price of a business printer can range from as low as $50 to as high as $1,000. Again, with BDS’s financing options, you can significantly reduce the associated cost of these specific devices.

The greatest strength of investing in a business printer is that the printer you are using has been specifically designed for businesses. This means you are investing in a device that understands the challenges and requirements of printing in a high-volume business environment.

So, typically, these types of printers have defining features to make business printing easier, including:

  • Higher PPMs than traditional desktop printers
  • Superior print quality
  • Large print-volume capabilities
  • Versatility
  • Advanced mobile and wifi connectivity features

For small businesses, the most attractive aspect of investing in a business printer is the pure versatility and range of printers available in this category. For instance, if you are looking for a budget-friendly printer that can keep up with your printing demands, you can find a business printer to deliver in that area.

In contrast, you may be looking to lease a more expensive printer to keep up with your daily printing requirements. You can find a business printer that delivers in that area as well. These printers’ versatility and flexibility make them perfect for seasoned small businesses and those just getting started.

Laser Printers at BDS

For small businesses looking for laser-sharp detail on their prints and documents, laser printers are the perfect option. Laser printers utilize laser technology and toner to create high-quality prints for your business. Businesses have praised these printers for their sharp attention to detail and the professional flair they provide with their documents.

Laser printers come in all different shapes and sizes, meaning their cost also varies. The one thing to remember about laser printers is that they can print at quick speeds at a fair cost per page. So, although the printers themselves may be more expensive, the cost of maintaining and using them is not, saving you money down the line.

In general, laser printers are going to be perfect for small offices looking for:

  • Sharp and vibrant documents
  • Fast printing speeds
  • Lower cost per page
  • Smudge-proof documents

BDS offers a diverse range of laser printers to local New England and Florida businesses, with leasing and certified preowned options available! When you partner with us for your laser printing needs, you do not have to worry about outsourcing toner and other printer supplies on your own. BDS offers supply replenishment services to ensure you have all the critical materials for your laser printer!

Inkjet Printers at BDS

Small businesses looking for a truly versatile printer often find comfort in the inkjet printer series. Inkjet printers utilize ink cartridges to create their print jobs and are renowned for their ability to print on a variety of paper types, like glossy paper. These printers are small and compact, making them perfect for businesses with small or limited office space.

An easy-to-use interface is one of the key features of these devices, making it great for businesses from diverse backgrounds. So many different industries find benefit in these small but mighty devices, including:

For small businesses looking for versatility, cost efficiency, and speed, BDS offers inkjet printers at an affordable and fair price. Our installation print technicians can quickly arrive on the scene to ensure your new device is set up quickly with the utmost care.

Why Partner with BDS for My Small Business Printing Needs?

As the leading local print technology provider in New England and Florida, BDS is committed to providing the most innovative, scalable, and affordable print technology solutions to our local communities. Giving back is a huge reason we do what we do, and we provide our undivided attention and skill to every client we partner with.

Customer service is a hallmark of our success, and with a Net Promoter Score of 92.6, our customer satisfaction rate proves this. We have offices strategically located throughout New England and Florida to ensure we can respond quickly to any maintenance or service call. Additionally, we employ some of the best local print experts to ensure your experience partnering with us is nothing short of spectacular!

When we think about what makes a print technology provider excellent, one of the primary characteristics is trust. We pride ourselves on being a trustworthy resource and print technology provider to local businesses and organizations looking to upgrade their print environment to the next level. We have faith that we can find the best solutions to work for your business.

Whether you are looking for an MFP (Multifunction Printers) with print, scan, copy, and fax capabilities for your busy enterprise or a compact inkjet for your small business, BDS is here to help. We also offer office solutions like document management and cloud print management services. These services help ensure you have the proper systems for a successful office environment.

With these categories, you can confidently navigate the evolving landscape of print technology with ease. BDS is more than ready to help you navigate this process. If you have any lingering questions, concerns, or doubts, let us know by contacting us today.

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July 3, 2024

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