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Office Printer Leasing Made Easy at BDS

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BDS office printer leasing is no hassle.

The best office printer leases are flexible, affordable, and easy to upgrade. BDS offers premium office printer leasing to local Hartford, CT, businesses, and organizations looking to upgrade their print environment! We offer printers, copiers, multifunction devices, and postage machines from the top brands in the world, like Ricoh, Kyocera, HP, Canon, and Xerox. As certified resellers, our product is top quality and guaranteed to perform exceptionally well in your office.

Leasing vs Buying

If you found your way to this article, chances are you are already interested in leasing your next office printer. If not, maybe you are looking to learn more about your options. Determining whether an office printer lease or purchase is better for you takes some work. The first rule of thumb is to establish your long-term print goals.

Do you want the ability to upgrade your print equipment quickly at an affordable price? Then leasing may be the better option for you. Conversely, do you enjoy the benefits and responsibilities of owning your office printer? If so, purchasing will be the best choice for you.

We wish that determining the best option for you could be as simple as that. However, it often includes other variables. Today, our focus is primarily on office printer leasing and how BDS leases are affordable and flexible for local Hartford, CT businesses. If you are interested in purchasing a certified pre-owned device, we can help! Request a quote today to get started on your next certified pre-owned device.

Adaptable and Flexible Printer Leasing

What do we mean when we refer to a printing lease as adaptable and flexible? A flexible lease means flexibility in payment plans and lease terms. Flexibility is critical, as it allows you to stay within your budget and create a leasing option tailored specifically to your business needs. Flexibility can look like many different things.

Regarding lease terms, flexibility looks like having 24–36-month leases available to meet your needs. Additionally, if you want to extend your lease, flexibility allows you to do so seamlessly with little to no hassle. With flexibility in lease terms comes flexibility in payments.

The longer your lease, the lower your monthly payment. This is a great benefit of leasing, specifically for small businesses that may not have the funds to invest in an expensive device. Flexible payments help you avoid a substantial upfront cost on your office printer. This is why we consider flexibility a superior benefit when investing in an office printer lease.

Affordable High-Volume Office Printers

We have briefly mentioned affordability regarding flexibility of payments, but that’s not even half of it. Leasing an office printer is one of the most cost-efficient printing options available for many.

For reference, office printers can range from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands. Most small businesses and organizations do not have the budget to invest in these devices at such a high price. Leasing benefits small businesses and organizations the most because it allows them to invest in high-quality equipment from popular printer brands.

Furthermore, small businesses and organizations are not the only groups that can benefit from an office printer lease. Large enterprises also show interest in leasing for a few reasons. For starters, larger organizations typically have larger departments and more employees than smaller organizations. The size alone calls for more printer equipment to ensure each department can perform its essential daily functions successfully.

Printer leasing helps make this more affordable. Instead of purchasing dozens of office printers, leasing is a more cost-effective and realistic option. Additionally, many large enterprises are attracted to the tax benefits of leasing a printer. As you can see, both large and small businesses and organizations can benefit significantly from our office printer leases.

Don’t Discount Maintenance & Repair Services

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Speaking of affordability, how nice would it be to have maintenance and repair services included in your lease? At BDS, we make this possible! You will receive access to our stellar maintenance and repair services for just one low monthly payment to ensure your device runs correctly.

Our print experts are some of the best in the business, with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to get the job done. Furthermore, we have earned a reputation for being personable and dependable. Our experts are committed to ensuring you are completely satisfied with your investment.

When you lease with BDS, you also gain access to our preventative maintenance program. BDS preventative maintenance program involves creating a flexible maintenance schedule to ensure your device receives proper care. Preventive maintenance is critical to any successful printer, as it helps avoid minor issues snowballing into major defects on your device.

Effortless Printer Upgrades at BDS

Now, one of our favorite features of our leasing program is upgrades! Who does not love a good upgrade? Upgrades are necessary for most successful businesses and organizations. Upgrading your devices allows you to remain competitive within the current digital landscape. As the world becomes increasingly digital and technical, so will our printing needs.

At BDS, upgrading your office printer is a breeze. This ties into our core value of flexibility regarding printer leasing. We are more invested in providing you with the best office printer for your office rather than just having you invest in any old printer. This is why we offer flexible upgrades to ensure you can switch your device out once you find it unsuitable for your office.

Upgrading your printing equipment can be expensive, especially if you own your printer. That means you would have to buy a new one with a high upfront cost or continue using your outdated machine! Upgrading to a lease is cost-efficient and flexible, making it a superior option for most businesses.

In some cases, the businesses we partner with are happy with their current device towards the end of their lease. In this scenario, we can always re-issue your lease, or you can purchase your device! Again, deciding the best option for you may take some time, so do not hesitate to reach out to a BDS expert with additional questions.

Office printer leasing is a flexible, affordable, and reliable option for various Harford, Connecticut businesses from different backgrounds. You can count on BDS, your #1 local Connecticut print partner, to deliver the best and fairest local printer leases.

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February 27, 2024

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