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Why Do You Need A Business Printer Lease? 

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The Benefits of Business Printer Leasing.

Is your business heavily dependent on the ability to print efficiently on demand? Do your old printers and copiers waste toner, supplies, energy, and productivity? If you need a new printer, you may wonder whether it is better to buy or lease a printer outright. There are several factors to consider before making your decision.

With BDS printer leasing, you can get newer, more efficient equipment and a long-term return on investment with flexible lease terms, saving you thousands of dollars.

Our article will outline the benefits of leasing a printer for business. You can get considerable perks and reduce upfront costs when leasing a business printer. Office printer leases cut unnecessary equipment costs and commitments.

Not sure if leasing is the right option? View our article that breaks down the difference between lease or buy.

Business printer lease terms can include:

  • Managed Print Services
  • Lower printer costs
  • IT Services
  • Instant access to print technicians.
  • Ink, toner, and paper supply subscriptions
  • Maintenance print packages

How to choose a printer copier leasing company?

Hire reputable print copier leasing companies to bid on your project for the best lease options. You could pay hidden fees, inflated end-of-term buyouts or renewals, or choose the wrong technology solutions if you choose the wrong managed Print provider. When entering a lease agreement with a print services provider, you will sign a monthly service.

You may also need to lease specific products depending on your industry, such as production printers, wide format printing, commercial printing, or even mail solutions such as postage meters.

Print providers sometimes specialize in specific industries or lease numbers of printers. Choose a leasing company specializing in printer equipment and lease terms that benefit your business.
Consider these criteria when choosing a business print lease.
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  • Associated costs of the print lease
  • Amounts spent each month and average costs
  • Choosing the right lease type
  • Duration of the lease
  • How many printers will you need
  • The flexibility of copier leases
  • Print leasing company location
  • Customer service reputation or NPS rating
  • If the lease includes the option to buy

What contributes to the price of a business print lease?

The cost of running a business printer depends on many factors. Choosing a copier printer should be based on the office’s requirements and budget. You can quickly increase the cost of printers for your business by not knowing what you need. The type and functionality of the printer largely determine business printer costs. The more features you need in your printer, the more expensive it will be to buy, lease, and maintain.

How to choose a printer: 6 questions to ask yourself:

  1. Is black and white printing sufficient, or will I also need color printing?
  2. What kind of printer do I need? An A3 or A4 desktop printer or a multifunctional machine that prints, copies, scans, and faxes?
  3. Your office’s printing habits. Are you looking for high-volume page-per-minute speeds?
  4. Do you need different sizes and types of paper on demand? Learn about A4 versus A3 printers.
  5. Are you looking for advanced finishing options, such as stapling and booklets?
  6. How many business printers do we need?

Advantages of leasing a printer for business versus buying a printer or copier

Managed print providers’ responsibility

The managed print services company takes care of maintenance and repairs. In addition to knowing how to fix their machines, most lease companies offer quick service and repair as part of your lease agreement — a significant benefit for IT departments under pressure who need to focus on mission-critical objectives.

Reduced investment

Your office can immediately have a high-tech printer without making a significant investment upfront. Take advantage of the prints and service plans but pay a monthly lease rate. With a precise monthly cost, this option can ease cash woes and account for those needing a steady, planned budget. Your business may be able to purchase one printer without a problem, but you’ll need a lease agreement to bring in 20 new machines quickly.

Technology advancements

The printer you buy limits you to that machine until you decide to invest again. In contrast, some lease contracts allow you to “trade up” as technology changes. Upgrading may be significantly cheaper than repurchasing, whether this is included in the pricing plan, or you pay an upgrade fee.

Tax advantages of business print leases

Your business can benefit from more significant tax benefits when leasing an office copier than if you purchased it outright. Machine leasing may be deductible as a business expense before tax.

How to choose the right Printer Leasing Company?

Make sure you consider these criteria before choosing a print provider.

Printer leasing companies near me

Having your print provider’s facility close to you would minimize customer service response times and availability to be on-site. Paper, ink, and toner delivery can also be affected by location.

Availability and Customer Service

Your business relies on print lease providers for its printing needs. Therefore, it is vital to know they can be reached and are willing to assist. A reliable print provider can communicate effectively, listen to your concerns, and respond to your business’s urgency.


Make sure the company will show up when it matters most. Investigate what other customers have to say about the print lease company through recommendations and review ratings. Ensure that the print provider you choose has guarantees or promises to prove its reliability.

We are your trusted New England and Florida business printer lease provider

As an authorized reseller of several brands, BDS can help you determine which brand and model would be most advantageous for your company, including Kyocera, Xerox, Ricoh, Canon, HP, Konica Minolta, etc.

Our team at BDS is aware of the challenge of finding the right business printer lease for your business. While you want to provide your employees with the best equipment, you don’t want to overspend on capabilities they won’t use. You can count on our team of experts to assist you with the print leasing process and identify the most suitable print equipment for your business.

Avoid getting stuck in an inflexible lease agreement when you’re ready to lease a business printer for your New England or Florida business. BDS offers affordable, customized lease agreements. To schedule a consultation, call (800) 616-8576 or fill out the form below.

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November 22, 2022

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