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What is a Laser Printer?

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A laser printer is perfect for your work or home office. With affordable pricing and high accessibility, it is one of the most popular printers available.

If you are looking for an affordable, accessible, and high-functioning printer to perform your essential printing tasks, there is no better choice than the laser printer. If you are wondering, “What is laser printer speed and efficiency going to do for me?” You are in the right place! Today, we will break down the top strengths of the laser printer and explain why it is the perfect addition to busy work offices and small home offices.

Before we get started, there are a few important things to note regarding the classification of laser printers. Laser printers can come in all shapes and sizes. A laser printer is classified as such when the particular printer model utilizes laser technology to perform print jobs. So, defining a laser printer as one type of device isn’t easy.

For instance, a multifunction laser printer is nowhere near comparable to a desktop laser printer. As we know, the multifunction laser printer is a more advanced printing option for businesses looking for print, scan, copy, and fax capabilities in one device. In contrast, the desktop laser printer simply prints. Making these distinctions before moving forward is important, as many tend to get tripped up on this factor.

This brings us to the most significant advantage of including a laser printer in your print environment.

Versatile Laser Printing Options

Versatility is a defining feature of laser printers that continues to make them popular for businesses, organizations, and even home offices! Whether you are looking for a simple laser printer at fast speeds or an innovative multifunction printer to perform your print jobs, you have a vast selection available to choose from! This diversity attracts many different types of businesses and organizations.

No matter what type of laser device you choose to incorporate into your print environment, you will still enjoy the multitude of benefits that come from incorporating fast-acting laser technology. Laser technology allows you to conduct print jobs reliably and quickly, boosting productivity and efficiency in your office. But before we explore more of the benefits of using this technology, we must define what a laser printer does for offices worldwide.

What is a Laser Printer, and How Does it Work?

A laser printer uses high-beam laser technology to create prints at the highest accuracy level. Some defining features of using these types of printers include:

  • Precision
  • Speed
  • Affordability

Although these defining characteristics apply to several types of printers, it is essential to note that they refer to the technology used. Each printer on the market utilizes a specific technology to perform print jobs successfully. Commonly, people assume inkjet printers and laser printers are the same, considering their close classification. However, it is important to remember these two devices utilize different technologies to create high-quality results.

When you begin printing on your laser printer, an internal process begins. Your printer reads the electronic messaging from your computer to compute the text onto your document. Once your printer synthesizes the information, it is transferred onto your document from the ‘drum’ inside your device. This drum builds electricity that acts as a magnet for toner to help put your information on your document.

Heat and pressure combine to create the final product, which is then fed through the tray. From there, you have the final product! You are guaranteed to be happy with the result, as laser printers have become renowned for their ability to produce high-quality documents and images that nearly pop off the page.

Why Does Laser Technology Matter?

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This is a valid concern for businesses searching for their next printer. If it provides a high-quality result, why should it matter? Indeed, investing in a laser printer over an inkjet could boil down to preference. However, there are some notable strengths to using these devices beyond versatility.

We briefly discussed speed, precision, and affordability, but what does that look like in theory? These notable strengths are among the top reasons large and small businesses flock to laser printers. They work together to create unforgettable print results that leave businesses wanting more.

Precision and Detail Like No Other

Precision and detail are critical for various industries, such as printing and sharing documents. You want to ensure your documents are legible, engaging, and crisp. Laser technology provides the highest level of detail, providing your documents with a professional flair that stands out from competitors.

Your documents can say a lot about your business. Professional, clean-looking documents will wow potential customers and help validate your services. Additionally, for marketing professionals, this professional flair will help boost visibility and interest in your marketing materials, hopefully leading to greater brand awareness.

Even more impressive about these devices is their ability to create elevated levels of detail and precision at equally high speeds. For context, it is rare to find printing technology that can deliver equally well on both. However, many laser printers have been praised for their ability to do both, boosting office productivity and efficiency!

The laser inside your printer moves very quickly, processing the information in your document at higher speeds than other printer technology available. Additionally, speed does not equate to sloppiness on laser printers. Using this technology, you will not have to deal with annoying ink spills because it utilizes toner instead. That means less mess and potential malfunctions like ink clogs!

Best Bang for Your Buck

Affordability can be relative, meaning that depending on who you are speaking to, it can vary, especially regarding printing technology. The truth of the matter is that printers are expensive, especially printers with advanced controls and technology. Many businesses, especially small ones, often get discouraged by this because they believe there are no other options to make this investment more affordable.

We are happy to share that laser printers can be an affordable addition to your office! To reiterate our previous point, remember that laser printers come in all different shapes and sizes. Not every business or organization needs an advanced multifunction printer for its office. Instead, a simple desktop laser printer will do the trick and be much more friendly to your wallet!

Also, laser printers are quite affordable to maintain compared to other printers. Toner is generally much more affordable than ink, making supplies cheaper. Toner also lasts longer than ink, which means the supplies you invest in are more sustainable, as ink is prone to expiring quickly.

We also spoke briefly about ink clogs and spills, which can create devastating issues for your printer. If not fixed quickly, these issues can become expensive and even permanently damage your printer! You can avoid the trouble by investing in a laser printer for your office. Overall, these devices are workhorses that provide businesses with the best bang for their buck regarding high-quality print results.

Laser Printing Leasing at BDS

The purchasing cost of a brand-new laser printer can vary, but in general, it tends to lean towards the more expensive side. BDS offers a solution to offset the associated cost with purchasing by offering laser printer leasing to local New England and Florida businesses and organizations. Our printer leasing program boasts many attractive highlights, including:

  • Flexibility
  • Affordability
  • Easy-to-upgrade
  • Tax benefits
  • State-of-the-art devices

When you partner with BDS for your printer leasing needs, you will quickly notice we are unlike other print technology providers you are used to. We are not concerned with pushing the most expensive lease or model on you. Instead, we aim to offer sustainable leases and equipment that will bring your business long-term returns.

We take customer satisfaction very seriously here at BDS and go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied with your investment. Our print experts are at the top of their field with the best education, resources, knowledge, and tools available to provide you with the best leasing experience.

Affordable Laser Printer Ownership Options

If leasing is not for you, BDS offers affordable ownership options with our certified preowned device program. Our devices hail from the top office technology brands in the world, including:

We are authorized resellers of these devices, meaning we have earned the stamp of approval from these brands to sell, maintain, and service them. As certified resellers, we put each device in our inventory through a rigorous testing period to ensure they perform at optimal levels in your office. Many of our clients have remarked on how preowned devices operate as if they are brand new!

The apparent strength of this finance program is affordability. You get the best devices at affordable prices with BDS’s signature service to match. We have offices and technicians strategically located throughout New England and Florida to ensure fast response times. We will quickly implement your new equipment and respond to service requests at record speed!

One Last Thing to Note

Although laser printers seem great on paper, deciding the best printing option for your office will take some extra work. That is why BDS is here to help! We like to think that there is no such thing as a bad or good printer. Instead, we see printers more like a personality match for your business. Just because a laser printer provides excellent benefits for one business does not mean it will provide the same for yours.

That is why it is crucial to embark on your printer investment journey with BDS. We have the most skilled experts who will match you with the perfect printer for your needs. The last thing you want to do is invest in a printer without getting a second opinion and regret it.

We want you to save money and create even more cost savings, so reach out to a BDS expert today to find the most sustainable, affordable, and realistic printer for your business or organization!

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May 27, 2024

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