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Multifunction Laser Printer Advantages

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The multifunction laser printer can produce a high volume of high-quality print jobs in record time.

Whether working in a small office or a large enterprise, multifunction laser printers (MFPs) are an excellent choice for your business. The advantages of a multifunction laser printer include high speeds, reliable paper handling capabilities, and cost-reducing controls. These printers are true workhorses in offices from various industries.

Best Industries for MFP Laser Printers

Multifunction laser printers are designed primarily for business and enterprise use. However, if you are working at a nonprofit or education system, you may also benefit from one of these devices. The key highlight regarding multifunction laser printers is their flexibility. You can find these devices in any environment with print, scan, copy, and fax needs.

Businesses and organizations of various sizes and backgrounds gravitate towards these devices because of their advanced capabilities. Investing in one of these highly adaptable devices can effectively reduce the number of devices in your environment. This will ultimately help with savings on print-related costs that you would spend on those devices like paper, ink, and more.

Reliable Printing Method

Another wonderful thing about the multifunction laser printer is its reliability. When investing in a printer, you want to ensure it can reliably handle your print demands. That includes a high paper handling capacity, primarily if you work in an industry that requires it. Investing in one of these devices guarantees reliable and quick print jobs that will keep you up to speed.

Ditch Ink With a Laser Printer

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Traditionally, printers use ink to print various documents. However, when you invest in a multifunction laser printer with BDS, you can say goodbye to ink for good! That is right; instead of ink, your printer will use toner. Toner is made up of plastic and iron particles that melt to the paper with special heated rollers. We refer to these rollers as a fuser unit.

Still, you may be wondering: how will this benefit me? Ink is not only costly, but it can be very messy. Some common issues professionals encounter with ink printers are spills, smudges, and more. With toner, you do not have to worry about ink driving up in your printer and potentially causing issues. Furthermore, toner lasts longer than ink which will cost you less overtime.

MFP Laser Printer Affordable Maintenance

One of the beauties of investing in a laser printer for your office is that they are not as expensive to maintain! This may surprise some, as the cost upfront for one of these devices can be pricier. However, the cost per page when printing on these devices is significantly lower than an inkjet printer! Furthermore, when adding the multifunction features of printing, scanning, copying, and faxing, you get a good deal for the price of one device.

We have briefly touched on cost up until this point. Still, it is worth highlighting that cost is the highest priority for businesses and organizations investing in new office equipment. And we completely understand why. Technology is a huge investment, and businesses and organizations want to ensure the solutions they invest in have a huge payoff.

We can proudly say that when you partner with BDS for your next multifunction laser printer, you will not be disappointed for a few reasons. One is our affordable pricing options. We offer purchasing certified preowned equipment, which has gone through vigorous testing to ensure the devices perform to the highest standards.

Purchasing certified preowned equipment is a fantastic way to get a feel for a specific device without paying the associated costs of buying new. Plus, when you partner with BDS for your certified preowned equipment, you receive great additions like our preventative maintenance program.

MFP Laser Printer Leasing at BDS

Another popular financing method offered at BDS is our leasing program. Leasing printers is the same as leasing a car, phone, or other device. When you lease a multifunction laser printer with BDS, you receive top-of-line equipment at an affordable monthly price. We offer flexible payments to help ensure you can afford your equipment without going over budget.

Additionally, we offer flexible leasing terms, so you have better control over how long a device is in your office. Some places opt for shorter leases, whereas other businesses and organizations prefer longer leases. Either way, we have lease terms guaranteed to work for you and your business.

Another strength of leasing is the ability to upgrade your device seamlessly. As technology continues to advance and grow, so will your printing needs. Instead of running out to buy the newest model, you can seamlessly upgrade your printer with BDS. We make the process as simple as ever.

Why BDS?

As you can see, BDS does things differently than most other print partners. We are not simply concerned with making a quick sale. We are focused on delivering high-quality results to our local New England and Florida communities. With over 40 years of proven success, we have delivered on this front and continue to do so as we begin to expand.

The stars at BDS are our all-star service technicians who go the extra mile to ensure your equipment runs at its best. Our technicians are dedicated, knowledgeable, and trained to integrate, service, and maintain all printers, copiers, and other devices successfully. Furthermore, as certified resellers of popular brands like Xerox, Kyocera, Canon, HP, and Ricoh, our technicians are trained to work successfully with these devices.

Customer service is a hallmark of our success, and we pride ourselves on being personable, dependable, and knowledgeable regarding our services. An interaction with a BDS team member is like no other. We take the time to get to know you and your business better by assessing your long-term goals and finding solutions that fit within them.

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January 22, 2024

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