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What are the functions of multifunction printers

What are multifunction printers good for?

A multifunction printer will help your business optimize print, scan, copy, and fax functions by performing them all on one device. Learn more today!

A multifunction printer (MFP) is a perfect addition to your office environment. They can help you save money on print-related costs, save space by eliminating the number of devices you need in your environment, and more. Still, some may wonder what multifunction printers’ functions are. Today, we will explore the four main functions of using your multifunction printer: printing, copying, scanning, and faxing.

Printing on your MFP

This is the most apparent function of the MFP. The MFP allows you to print similarly to how you would on any other printer. However, the MFP is not just any other printer. Most of these devices have advanced capabilities that allow you to add different finishing options to your documents, print in color or black and white, and more. Printing on these devices is easier than it may seem.

In fact, many of the devices from popular brands include manuals and intuitive technology to make them user-friendly for various professionals from different industries. Printing is by far one of the most popular functions in offices around the world, and the MFP delivers on this front.

Copying on your MFP

Copiers and printers often go hand in hand, but who would have thought to combine both functions in one device? This is where the MFP magic starts to shine. Making copies of your documents has never been easier with the MFP. The same intuitive and easy-to-use technology employed for printing can be applied to the copy function.

Because copiers and printers work hand in hand, you can efficiently and quickly make copies of your prints in record times. In fact, unlike traditional copiers, MFPs have a higher PPM (Pages Per Minute). We guarantee little to no downtime when shifting through these functions.

Scanning on your MFP

Do you regularly scan documents or pictures? If so, do not waste money on a new scanner. Instead, invest in an MFP! You can easily scan your documents, images, and other items quickly with the highly innovative technology of the MFP. Although this function may not be promoted as often when discussing the strengths of MFPs, it undoubtedly is a game changer in your office.

Faxing on your MFP

Just when you thought the MFP could not get any better, it does! Faxing is one of the most essential office printing functions in the world. Businesses rely on faxes to send and receive important messages. These devices can be expensive and less user-friendly than the MFP. Again, when you invest in this device, you receive all the necessary functions for your daily tasks in just one device!

With the MFP, you will be sending and receiving fax messages at the quickest speeds in no time!

Invest in your next MFP with BDS!

Invest in BDS for your next MFP.

When assessing where to make your investment for your next MFP, consider BDS. BDS is an authorized reseller of MFPs from brands you know and love, including HP, Canon, Kyocera (platinum dealer), Ricoh, and Xerox. As certified resellers, we have been authorized by these brands to sell, service, and maintain their products with the appropriate training and skills available from each manufacturer.

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January 3, 2024

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