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What is Standard Size Printer Paper?

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Standard-size printer paper is a measurement that most businesses and institutions follow for various documents, including business proposals, educational materials, and health records.

The American National Standards Institute recognizes a standard printer paper size in North America for businesses and institutions. This standard printer paper size is 8.5 inches x 11 inches and is the standard document size for most printers. Additionally, it is considered the standard letter paper size. Now that we have answered, “What is standard-size printer paper?” You may be wondering why it is important.

Why Standard Size Matters

Standard printer paper size matters because it creates uniformity. Without a standard paper size, printing and sharing documents would be confusing due to the different paper sizes. Different paper sizes can affect the quality of your documents, sometimes making them unreadable. The necessity of a printer paper standard becomes especially true when working with an international team.

The 8.5×11 paper size we mention is only standard in North America. That means that each additional country you conduct business with will have its unique size guidelines and standards. A uniform option and size can help make sharing and printing documents between international teams more accessible.

Still, why does it matter if businesses share and print documents of different sizes? Say you work in finance and have created a document with confidential data. In the American standard printer paper size, the content of this document fits entirely on one page.

Now, say you share this document with another colleague, and they choose to print in a completely different format. Now, the document has trickled from 1 page to 2-3 pages, making interpreting the content and data on this document tedious. You can simplify this process and enhance collaboration on your team by sticking to one standard that everyone is required to follow.

Know your Printer’s Paper Size Requirements

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When investing in your next printer, it is critical to ensure the paper requirements meet your business’s needs. Although there is a standard for printer paper in the United States, not all industries choose to use that standard paper size.

For instance, if you work at a creative agency or another field that allows flexibility and requires different paper sizes, you can print without the standard. In contrast, if you work at a busy law firm that requires all documents to conform to the national standard, you will want to ensure your printer meets that need.

If you need assistance finding your office’s correct printer and paper size, BDS can help! We have over 40 years of experience providing expert support, technology, and solutions to local New England and Florida businesses.

Where Can I Find Affordable Standard Printer Paper?

If you are a New England or Florida business looking for affordable, high-quality standard printer paper, there is no better choice than BDS. We have an extensive supply of standard printer paper for busy local business professionals. You do not have to worry about us lacking suitable materials for your device. Whether you print with Xerox, Canon, HP, Konica Minolta, or Ricoh, BDS has the best paper for your printer.

As certified resellers of the aforementioned brands, we are experts at working with these devices. That includes the paper supplies we offer to local businesses utilizing these devices. Our technicians know the best practices to help ensure your paper functions at its best.

Our supply replenishment program is affordable and helpful to busy professionals who do not have the time to restock their devices with essential materials. BDS takes the time to create a schedule for supply replenishment that works for you. We closely monitor your paper levels to restock your device swiftly before it gets too low.

We want to help you avoid the alternative of not having our services. The alternative is running out of paper during a critical print job. This can leave your business open to vulnerabilities and seriously slow down the workflow in your office.

Are There Other Paper Sizes Worth Considering?

As mentioned prior, different industries have different paper requirements. So, you may not be required to print with standard printer paper. For instance, if you work in architecture or construction, you will require a lot of paper and materials for your documents and blueprints. In this case, the standard printer paper will not meet the needs of your business.

Various paper sizes, including the most popular sizes for business documents, are available for you to explore. Again, if you need assistance determining the most suitable printer paper size for your office, lean on BDS as your local expert guide.

We are the premier local New England and Florida print partner for a reason! Our expert support has helped countless businesses and organizations meet their loftiest print and office goals. We take the time to understand the unique challenges of your business and industry so we can provide you with excellent services to elevate your office and print environment.

Want to pair your printer paper with a new printer? We have you covered with the best printers from brands you know and love! Our printer leasing and purchasing process is flexible, fair, and affordable. By offering these finance options, we try to help offset the large cost of office technology.

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April 26, 2024

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