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Dimensions of an A3 Paper 11×17

dimensions of an A3 Paper 11x17

Learn about the dimensions of A3 paper 11x17 and the best documents to use this type of paper for today.

Did you know businesses and organizations use different paper sizes for print jobs? Although there is a recognized standard paper size, some businesses prefer to use other sizes, including letter size paper, A4 paper, or A3. Today, we are going to focus on the dimensions of an A3 Paper (11×17) and the best materials to use this paper for.

What are the Dimensions of an A3 Paper?

A3 Paper measures 11×17 inches. It is a common international paper size used by various businesses, institutions, and organizations. This paper size is primarily used for drawings, diagrams, and tables. It is compatible with many printers but works best with laser printers.

Still, makes A3 paper different from the standard? A3 paper is much larger than the standard printer paper sheet, making it perfect for busy professionals looking to create designs or diagrams. This paper lets you easily display clear and organized information and designs for your team.

Most marketing departments are familiar with this paper size, as they typically utilize it for various marketing materials, including flyers, posters, and other visual documents. With the right compatible ink or toner for your printer, your prints will burst from the page with vibrant colors and sharp resolution.

How Can A3 Paper Benefit My Business?

A3 printer paper benefits

The greatest strength of using A3 paper in your office is its versatility. Most of the businesses and organizations we serve have a marketing department that will benefit from this paper type. Additionally, your finance team can benefit from this type of paper, as it creates a simple and easy way to categorize and present your data.

Branding is critical to businesses looking to scale and expand beyond measure, so using printer paper that stands out from the competition can elevate your business to new heights. Another strength of this paper is that it is compatible with almost all laser printers. Luckily, laser printers are easily accessible and available from various popular office technology brands, so integrating this paper type into your office should be seamless.

Is A3 Printer Paper Affordable at BDS?

BDS takes affordability seriously. It’s our top priority when creating innovative office solutions. We have made various solutions to affordable office equipment, solutions, and supplies. Regarding printer paper, there’s no better print technology provider to partner with than BDS.

We offer A3 printer paper at an affordable and fair price. Additionally, we go the extra mile to ensure you’re never in a crunch for printer paper by closely monitoring your paper levels. The last thing we want you to experience is running out of paper during a critical print job, so we have created a system to avoid this proactively.

BDS print technicians are strategically located throughout New England and Florida to ensure fast response times. We always want you to feel supported in your investment, so we are strategically located to swiftly deal with any printer or office issues.

What really sets BDS apart from the competition is our superior service standards. As you embark on your partnership with BDS, you will quickly realize that we aren’t like other office technology providers. Our service goes above and beyond what is standard in this industry.

We have earned a 92.6 Net Promoter Score (NPS), well above the industry standard. We strive to attain that perfect score and appreciate the loyalty of our trusted clients. With over 40 years of experience offering high-quality technology support to local businesses and organizations, we are confident we can deliver on your office supply needs.

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April 29, 2024

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