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MICR Toner: What is it, and how does it work?

MICR Toner

Learn about the best practices for using MICR toner with BDS today.

Toner is an essential component of a printer. Toner is the powdery substance used to create your prints and documents. There are various toners available on the market, with some catered towards specific models and brands of devices. Today, we are going to focus on a specific type of toner: MICR toner.

What is MICR Toner, and How does it work?

MICR toner (magnetic ink character recognition) is a type of toner primarily used by professionals in the banking industry for check processing. A MICR toner cartridge consists of a specialty toner powder substance that will help you with your check printing.

For reference, many banks and financial institutions use this substance to create your checkbooks, including your account number, routing, and check number right on the check. This toner works by magnetizing and translating the toner into characters with a particular printing device made specifically for checks.

When printing checks, you cannot just use any old toner. There needs to be a specific type that can help protect your checks from fraud. That is where MICR toner comes into play. This type of printer will provide security to consumers and their banking institutions. The MICR technology reduces the risk of being read during a check processing period.

The toner creates unique characters on the checks that act as fingerprints for consumers and banks. This effectively reduces and eliminates the chance of fraud.

What type of printer is required for MICR toner?

Laser printer MICR Toner

As we mentioned, MICR toner requires a specific type of printer to print. Many standard laser printers may fit the bill when looking for a MICR toner-compatible printer. This is because many laser printers today are compatible with MICR toner cartridges. Luckily, laser printers are very accessible and come in all different shapes and sizes, meaning businesses and financial institutions can get to printing in no time!

You may have other options if a laser printer is not for you. For instance, there are other printers marketed specifically for MICR toner printing. You can find these from local print partners and major retailers. Many of these printers are, in fact, marketed as MICR printers, which makes narrowing down your choices easier.

One thing to note regarding MICR toner is to use only compatible MICR toner for your specific printer. If you end up using this toner on an incompatible printer, you will be wasting your toner, and even worse, it may cause severe damage to your printer.

Is MICR Toner expensive?

It will all be relative when considering the cost of anything related to printing technology. That is because each device and the accompanying supplies have their own cost standards. However, when it comes to MICR toner, these cartridges are much more expensive than typical laser toner cartridges.

To an extent, this makes sense, as the toner contains advanced fraud-protected technology. Furthermore, it is rare to see everyday people using this type of toner to print. As with everything else, MICR toner can range in price. For instance, HP will sell MICR toner compatible with HP printers just as Ricoh or Xerox will create MICR toner compatible with their particular brand of printers.

Each of these brands has different printing requirements and varies in price point, which may make finding affordable MICR toner a daunting task. Luckily, BDS is here to help make it easier. We have all-star technicians and salespeople ready to jump all hands in to find the best printer and MICR toner for you!

BDS offers MICR Toner compatible Laser Printers at an affordable price!

Are you in the market for a new laser printer for your MICR toner printing needs? BDS can help with our complete line of laser printers from the world’s most renowned technology brands like HP, Canon, Xerox, Ricoh, and Kyocera. We are certified resellers of these devices, meaning these brands have authorized us to sell, promote, maintain, and service these devices.

We are experts in the field and take the time to get to know the unique needs of your industry to determine the best solutions. With over 40 years of experience, we have become the #1 trusted local print partner.

Additionally, once you find your new laser printer with BDS, you will not have to worry about outsourcing your MICR toner from a major retailer. We have all the compatible toners and tools necessary to operate our devices. Furthermore, we will show you how to change the toner and operate your device to optimize your print environment fully.

BDS shines regarding affordability for our devices and solutions, including our laser printers and MICR toner. Regarding laser printers, we have various financing options available for businesses and institutions of all sizes to help them stay within their allocated budget of those financing options; our leasing and certified preowned devices are by far the most popular.

With leasing, our team has created a package that works for all different types of businesses from various industries. We offer flexible leases and payment terms to help you make the most affordable investment for your business. Regarding our certified preowned equipment, we vigorously test our devices to ensure they operate at a level of excellence for your print environment.

Customer satisfaction at BDS

Both options come with our supply replenishment and preventative maintenance programs to help your device stay in the best shape possible. When you partner with BDS, you truly receive an experience like no other. Just see what our partners have to say!

“Coming to an office that was using a small desktop multi-machine, the frustration level was high. Our IT person recommended BDS, and it is the single best improvement to the operation of this business in my opinion!”

-Landscape Design and Construction Company

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December 27, 2023

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