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Learn how to replace printer toner with BDS

BDS can help you replace your toner with our managed print services.

If you are curious about how to replace toner in printer, BDS can help!

Do you need to replace your printer’s toner but need help figuring out where to start? BDS, has you covered. We realize this process may not be as straightforward for most businesses. The first thing worth noting before attempting to change your printer’s toner is that this is not a universal process.

The process for changing the toner on your printer will be different depending on the model and age of the printer you are using. This can be frustrating for owners of printers because of the vast amount of information available online. There are often conflicting methods and advice that can leave you overwhelmed!

Luckily, BDS is here to provide you with a general and relatively simple process for finding out how to replace the toner on the individual models you are printing from already in your office environment.

What is toner?

If you are unsure of what toner is, it is a substance your printer requires to print. Toner is a powdery mixture used in most laser printers and photocopiers. The substance creates text and images on the paper material you are printing from through a toner cartridge that is usually plastic.

Toner is not the only substance that printers use to print. Toners will be especially relevant to only specific printers, not all. If you are unsure whether your printer requires toner, you should reach out to a BDS technician for assistance, and we will provide you with the appropriate support and supplies depending on your type of printer.

Furthermore, a printer cartridge is different from a toner. Both tend to get confused with one another. However, the toner cartridge is the tube that holds the toner, which is the solid powder substance that creates ink on the page.

Is ink better than toner?

Determining whether ink or toner is better for your printing environment will depend upon your unique needs and circumstances, including the type of documents you will be printing, volume, and need. We have recently written a blog, Difference between a liquid and a dry toner printer, that explains the difference and similarities between the two and which is better for your printing environment.

In general, toner is a better option because it lasts longer than ink and produces more images than ink before running out. Another strength of toner is that because you can create more text and graphics than you would with ink before running out, you do not need to replace your cartridges as frequently, saving you money.

If you are still trying to decide whether toner or ink is better for your printing environment, contact BDS for assistance, and we will help you determine the best option for your business.

How often should I replace my toner?

Learn how often you should replace your toner.

Now that we have clearly defined and better understand toner, we can dive into replacing your toner. When setting new partners up with our equipment, a common question we receive is how often they need to change the toner.

There is no one answer to this question because it will depend on the format/design of your material and frequency you use your printer. For instance, if you are printing daily with a large volume, you will need to refill your toner frequently.

Similarly, if you are printing primarily designs or working somewhere that creates high-quality and complex graphics, you will need to ensure you are frequently refilling the toner. In the case of these scenarios, it is a good idea to create and maintain a schedule for refilling your toner, so you do not slow down workflows needing to change toner last minute.

BDS MPS services can help you proactively manage your print environment so you can better manage your ink and toner levels. Learn more about how our managed print services can help here.

In contrast, you can expect your toner to last longer than usual if you are printing infrequently at your business, meaning only a few times a week and at a smaller volume. As previously mentioned, toner lasts longer than ink, and if you are not using your toner printer as frequently, you can expect that to last even longer.

However, there is still a caveat when using your printer toner infrequently. There is the risk of your toner cartridge going bad quickly due to inactivity. That may seem counterintuitive to the long-lasting nature of toner. However, if you spend weeks to months not using your toner printer, that can adversely affect and ruin your cartridge before it is properly depleted.

To avoid this happening, we recommend finding a balance that works for you that includes a few prints a week so you can still experience the long-lasting effects of toner without having to deal with damage and pricy replacements down the line.

Where can I find the cartridge life rating for my printer?

If you are looking for a concrete number for how long your toner cartridge will last for your printer, you can find it in your instruction manual for your printer. Your printer manufacturer cannot gauge individual printing volumes, so they offer the primary cartridge life rating in pages.

Be aware, too, that most cartridges have shelf lives, meaning you should closely monitor for signs of breakage. The chemicals in the toner will break down and limit the page yield making it an inaccurate measurement. Avoid this by replacing the cartridge before it goes past its rated shelf life.

How to replace printer toner

Now that we have all our information, it is time to replace our printer’s toner! We will be using a laser printer in today’s example, although remember that the manufacturer and model will affect the process of replacing toner.

In general, to replace printer toner, follow these steps:

  1. Open the printer door and locate toner cartridges
  2. Locate the drum assembly from the printer and pull it out
  3. Remove the spent cartridge (press the lever on the drum assembly to remove it)
  4. Insert new replacement cartridge (you should hear a snap or a click indicating it is secure)
  5. Slide drum lever horizontally
  6. Reinsert the drum assembly and close the access port
  7. Print a test page

And there you have it! Replacing your printer toner is easier than it seems, especially when you know specific considerations that apply to your individual model. Always take your time when performing these steps and ensure that you complete them in order. Performing the steps out of order can result in damage to your machine!

One note about printer cartridges

We will leave you with one last thing to consider regarding replacing the toner in your printer, and that is poor print quality. After replacing toner with a new batch, businesses sometimes notice that the print quality still needs improvement. Although it is tempting to blame the toner, it may be the cartridge or something else wrong with your printer.

We do not recommend troubleshooting the issue yourself, as it can damage your equipment more. Instead, contact a local technician for assistance in addressing the problems. Sometimes, the case can be as harmless as toner dust covering the sensor or a clog. Other times, it can signal something more urgent. When in doubt, contact a professional for assistance before tinkering with it yourself.

When you partner with BDS, rest assured that you will receive the best service in the industry for your equipment and maintenance. We have a great line of multifunction printers and copiers waiting for you! We pride ourselves on creating affordable print options for our local New England and Florida communities.

We also have a full batch of toner supplies available for businesses ready to partner with a winning team! Our toner is high-quality and guaranteed to help ensure your prints are created with sharp crisp colors and superb attention to detail.

To learn more about printers, copiers, and office solutions, be sure to regularly check out our blog for the latest content. If you want to stay up to date on industry and company news, follow us on our Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube channels for the latest.

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May 29, 2023

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