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From digital copiers to multifunction copiers, BDS has you covered

Best copy machine for your small office

Find the best copy machine for your small office today with BDS!

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Are you a small business looking for a high-resolution copy machine with high PPM (Pages Per Minute) and efficiency? BDS can help you find the best copy machine for a small office with our complete line of copiers from brands like Kyocera, Xerox, Ricoh, Canon, and HP. Whether you are looking for a multifunction copier or small and traditional office copiers, we have you covered with all your business equipment needs.

Finding a suitable copy machine for your business can be a daunting task. With so many options, brands, and models available on the market, finding the right one for you feels nearly impossible. BDS makes this process easier with our rockstar service and sales technicians. The BDS team has experience working with business professionals from diverse backgrounds to provide the best technology for their office and industry.

When you partner with BDS as your local copier dealer, you receive high-quality support and equipment at an affordable price. Our process is different from that of other print partners in the industry. Passion fuels are the ability to provide you with the best support and solutions. Today, we will discuss our most popular copier options and illuminate how BDS differs from the competition.

Digital copiers in black and white or color

Digital copiers are the most common copiers that businesses invest in for their print environment. These copiers utilize digital technology to provide copies of your essential business documents. With these copiers, you earn the ability to copy in black and white and color, making them an excellent option for everyday business professionals.

One of the great things about digital copiers is the saturation they have in the market. This means you can find a digital copier just about anywhere, as most retailers and local print partners are rarely short of devices. However, saturation can become a double-edged sword. More options can cause more confusion regarding the best device for your unique needs.

In this scenario, partnering with your local print partner, BDS, is one of the best decisions. We can help you mute out the noise, focusing on your business needs and providing options that will work for you. At BDS, we recognize that office technology can be challenging to understand with all the technical jargon and hard-to-read descriptions. One of our strengths is breaking down this jargon and making it more digestible for businesses from all diverse backgrounds to understand.

Another strength of digital copiers is that most devices always have new advancements. For example, older digital copiers may lack the necessary technology and additions required at present for most offices. As the world becomes increasingly digital, so do our offices, and having the proper technology to keep up with the demand is essential now more than ever.

Digital copiers make adding additions easier than ever! The world’s most famous office technology brands are constantly tweaking and making advancements to ensure their next copier performs better than the previous one. This type of commitment makes digital copiers one of the best options for most of your businesses.

Invest in a multifunction device for all copying, printing, and scanning needs

MFP copiers at BDS

The multifunction copier is becoming increasingly popular. These devices are true powerhouses in your office environment. The capabilities you receive with these all-in-one devices are hard to match in today’s digital office landscape. With just one device, you can successfully and seamlessly perform all your copying, scanning, and printing needs. That is right; you will experience little to no downtime when using these devices.

You can swiftly change tasks at ease, making these devices highly productive. All the advanced capabilities of these devices allow businesses to cut down on the number of devices in their office. Printing technology can be big, bulky, and take up way too much space. With multifunction devices, you can perform all the functions of multiple devices in one; it is that easy!

Although these devices have innovative capabilities that make cutting down on excess devices easy, they are also compatible with many printing devices. For example, pairing your multifunction copier with a new laser printer model can create a bulletproof print infrastructure. The multifunction copier is a great base or foundation for your print environment because of its adaptability, efficiency, and reliability.

Invest in desktop copiers for more traditional copying needs

Sometimes, a small desktop copier can do the job, especially for small businesses. Not all businesses need the innovations of a multifunction copier or another more innovative model. In most cases, you can get by and even thrive with a desktop copier.

Desktop copiers are much smaller and more compact than most copiers used in offices. You may even see desktop copiers in many home offices because of their accessibility and ability to fit in the smallest spaces. Speaking of accessibility, you can often find these types of copiers at your local retailer or even through your local print partner like BDS!

Desktop copiers are an attractive option for small businesses looking to create simple copies and have a small team using the device. Like the multifunction copier or other digital copiers, you can find these devices from world-renowned brands. This may be one of the strongest options for small businesses due to their accessibility, flexibility, and our next topic, cost.

Let’s talk cost

Let’s face it: office technology can be one of the most expensive investments a business can undertake. Finding a solid price point for digital copiers, multifunction copiers, and desktop copiers can be challenging because of the market’s saturation level. Certain brands, models, and usage will affect the price of each of these devices.

In general, desktop copiers are the cheapest option of the three. However, the lower price comes with fewer capabilities compared to other options. It is also critical to note that cheaper does not always equate to higher quality, so ensure when investing in one of these devices, you work with a trusted local print partner like BDS.

Next, you can expect the retail price of multifunction devices to be pricier. This makes sense, as these devices can perform various functions in one. However, it is essential to note the cost-saving measures of these devices. Because you can reduce the number of devices in your environment, you save yourself all that money you would otherwise spend on extra devices.

When gauging a price for digital copiers, expect a vague answer. That is because digital copier is an umbrella term for all types of copiers, including multifunction copiers and desktop copiers. The world is increasingly digital, and so is the technology we use. Many of the copiers you will be shopping for may very well be classified as digital copiers.

When in doubt, conducting additional research on the model and brand copier you are looking for is always smart. Things can get tricky when you buy your equipment from unreliable third parties. They may upcharge you significantly and, even worse, promise high quality and not deliver. Trust is essential when making the right investment for your devices.

Save money by pairing your next copier with BDS managed print services

Small businesses tend to have a tighter budget than larger ones, making cost savings critical when investing in office equipment. We want to help you find the most cost-saving possible, so we suggest pairing your next copier with managed print services.

Managed print services through BDS allow us to monitor your print environment for one fixed monthly fee. Managed print services allow better control over your print environment. This is essential for small businesses looking to stay within a particular budget. You may be shocked that unauthorized print jobs account for many businesses exceeding their budget.

You can waste buckets of money a year over unauthorized prints or, even worse, data breaches. Managed print services allow better control over your print environment by allowing you to set a certain number of prints on each device in your environment. Furthermore, our security measures ensure that you will get notified immediately if there is any threat or suspicious activity to help protect your sensitive data.

Pairing your next copier with managed print services is a no-brainer for cost savings. When you consider bundling our managed print services with our copier leasing program or purchasing a certified preowned device, you can expect huge savings.

Invest in your next copier with BDS today!

Request a quote today to get started with your copier investment with BDS! Our straightforward and collaborative approach makes the process as simple as ever. For free resources to help you fully optimize your office technology and solutions, regularly check out our blog and knowledge base. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to stay updated on industry news and trends.

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December 8, 2023

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