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Commercial Printing Companies Near Me

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BDS is your reliable and affordable local commercial printing company. You can depend on us for all your commercial printing needs.

Commercial printers are designed for business professionals with advanced printing needs. In contrast to printing standard business documents on standard paper sizes like letter and legal, those using commercial printers often print high volume materials like restaurant menus, tourism guides, billboards, and even business cards. If you are looking for “commercial printing companies near me,” look no further than BDS!

We offer a variety of commercial printers at a price that can’t be beaten! Our high-quality devices are built to last with a sleek design and industrial build. When you partner with BDS, our print experts go the extra mile to ensure a seamless implementation of these devices in your office.

BDS Commercial Printers From Top Brands

If you have ever used a printer, we are sure you are familiar with some of the most popular brands in the world. Does HP, Canon, Kyocera, Xerox, and Ricoh sound familiar to you? BDS is a proud certified reseller of printers from these popular brands. This means that we are authorized by these brands to sell, service, and maintain these devices.

Partnering with a certified reseller for your commercial printer will come with many benefits. The first is that it’s typically more affordable than purchasing the device directly from the brand of choice. As your local print partner, we guarantee the most fair and affordable prices for your print equipment and keep that promise with our commercial printers.

The second added benefit to partnering with a certified reseller like BDS for your commercial printing needs is that we have staff onsite who are trained to service and maintain every device in our inventory. We even send our service technicians nationwide to get training on specific devices and models, so they are fully equipped to handle any issue.

Additionally, should you run into a malfunction with your device, we can get a service technician to the scene in record time! We average a 2–4-hour response time, though sometimes it can be even less! Our fast service doesn’t sacrifice high-quality service. We guarantee your experience will be nothing short of excellent when interacting with our all-star technicians.

Affordable Printing Options At BDS

We briefly touched on our affordability, but what does that look like? Two of BDS’s most popular finance methods are our leasing program and certified preowned equipment. When leasing with BDS, you gain access to the highest quality commercial printers for one low monthly payment. That payment also includes any maintenance and service you may require for your device.

Purchasing certified preowned equipment gives you ownership rights to your next device. Our certified preowned devices undergo a rigorous testing cycle to ensure they perform up to par. We are also available to maintain and service your equipment when you purchase certified pre-owned devices.

These finance methods have strengths and weaknesses, and each option will work better for different business models. If you are still determining which option is best, request a quote with BDS today. We will help you make the best decision for your office in no time.

Pair Commercial Printer with Our Popular Print Solutions

document management at BDS

For the ultimate cost savings, you should consider pairing your commercial printer with one of our highly popular print solutions. Of the solutions we offer, the most popular include:

Document management services will help you properly manage your documents and keep them organized in one spot. Managed print services will help you gain better control over your print infrastructure, cutting down on print-related costs like unauthorized print jobs. Finally, our cloud-based services can help boost your print environment’s security, protecting your sensitive data and documents from cyber attackers.

Many of our clients have experienced ultimate cost savings when pairing these efficient solutions with their printers. It’s important to remember that although the upfront costs may be pricier, you will save significantly over time with the right technology and solutions.

What Makes BDS Different?

BDS is a customer-centric local print partner. We take this status seriously, and every team member is committed to coming together to provide the best results. This is our driving force and what allows us to continue being successful for over 40 years. We take the time to learn the unique challenges facing businesses and organizations of all sizes from different industries.

Simply put, partnering with BDS is like no other, and we guarantee your satisfaction for as long as you partner with us.

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January 29, 2024

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BDS is an authorized office technology provider/reseller with corporate headquarters in Marlborough, MA, and offices throughout New England and Florida. Since 1978, we have supported local customers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Florida with copier and printing solutions.
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