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Why should you Lease a Ricoh Business Printer?

Ricoh Print Lease

Ricoh has long been known for its high-quality printers, digital duplicators, and multifunctional printers/scanners/copiers (MFPs).

With plenty of speed, size, and functionality choices and configuration options suited to your needs, you can choose the best models and features for your workgroup, office, or classroom.

This article discusses how you can benefit from leasing Ricoh Multifunction Printers & Copiers. Not sure if leasing a Ricoh copier is suitable for your company? The original article in this series, why should you lease your multifunction copier printer, can be found here. Other articles in the series are leasing a Canon Multifunction Printer and leasing a Kyocera printer.

Ricoh offers 32 different multifunction printers and copiers with integrated solutions that simplify the end-user experience, reduce costs, and ensure that technology investments adapt proactively to changing needs.

Ricoh’s Enterprise MFPs

Ricoh’s enterprise multifunction solutions are broken down into five categories: business employee size, color capabilities, print speed, maximum paper size, and finishing options, including booklets, hole punches, and staples. These multifunction features all play a role in determining the proper Ricoh MFP for your business.

  • When refining to find the perfect Ricoh Multifunction printer or copier, Ricoh employee size options range from less than 150 to over 1000 employees.
  • Ricoh provides users with two output options, including color and black-and-white.
  • Three print speeds are available: 2-40ppm, 41-60ppm, and 60+ppm.
  • Max paper size from legal size (8.5X14), ledger size (11×17), SRA3+size 13X191/2
  • Ricoh’s finishing options for their multifunction printers and copiers include an internal multi-folding unit with a hybrid staple less + staple finisher, booklet, and hole punch.

Once you’ve reviewed Ricoh’s classification specifications, the next step is determining which Ricoh Lease is right for your business. Would your company benefit from a Ricoh copier with color and black and white printing capabilities or just black and white printing? Ricoh printers can print, scan, and copy in exceptional color and black-and-white on papers up to 163 gsm. For a professional look, create sharp graphics and clear text on letter and legal-sized documents, a variety of envelope sizes, and more.

Ricoh Printer Output

Ricoh offers two different outputs for its printers based on the needs of your business. BDS can lease multifunction printers or color multifunction printers.

Using Ricoh multifunction color printers with continuous recalibration and an optional Fiery® E-25C Color Controller, you can produce excellent, economical reproductions with exact text and vivid colors.

If your business primarily prints internal documents like email, order forms, or simple spreadsheets, you should consider leasing a Ricoh Black and White printer. A black and white printer with speeds up to 105ppm has a crucial feature: fast printing.

Paper Sizes needed for your Ricoh Printer Lease.

Letter-sized prints are typically 8.5″ x 11″, legal-sized prints are 8.5″ x 14″, and tabloid-sized prints are 17″ x 11″. Ricoh multifunction printers can handle a variety of paper sizes, depending on the model, which opens a wide range of possibilities for companies with in-house printing needs.

Ricoh Printer Technology for your lease

Ricoh multifunction printers give today’s shared workspaces robust, hassle-free security through leading-edge WPA encryption of data and the latest TLS 1.3 and SNMP v3 standards for authentication, authorization, and access control.

Features of the Ricoh printers are:

  • Ricoh Locked Print

    With the Locked Print feature, a print job can only be released by the right person.

  • Ricoh Mobile Printing

    Install the RICOH Smart Device Connector App on your mobile device for remote printing without drivers or software.

  • User IDS

  • Wireless Printing

    Regardless of an IP address change, the intelligent design prevents interruptions, while Wi-Fi Direct makes connecting to mobile devices easy.

  • Device Manager

    Using automated alerts, you know when toner needs to be replaced, and monitoring makes maintenance simple.

View all the technology features of Ricoh Enterprise MFPs here.

Ricoh multifunction printers (MFPs) offer fantastic speed and precision for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. Ricoh print can easily create high-volume, high-quality work from a home office or a large office.

Want to learn more about Ricoh printer leasing? With $2,000,000 in inventory, we’ve got you covered. Reduce your upfront costs with a Ricoh multifunction printer, worry-free equipment maintenance, and managed print services from our highly dedicated, efficient, and productive team. Learn more about buying versus leasing an MFP printer here.

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June 9, 2022

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