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Leasing a Canon Multifunction Printer

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Leasing Canon multifunction printers/copiers (MFPs) are less expensive for small and medium-sized businesses than purchasing them outright.

Canon’s MFPs are rated the highest for customer service globally, making it one of the most popular brands in imaging and printing.

This article discusses how leasing enterprise MFP copiers from Canon can benefit your business. Not sure if leasing a copier is suitable for your company? The original article in this series, why should you lease your multifunction copier printer, can be found here. This is our second article in a series on leasing a Multifunction Printer copier. However, you may be interested in leasing a Kyocera printer.

Canon offers an impressive portfolio of imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX models and integrated solutions that help simplify end-user experience and technology management, lower the cost of printing, and ensure that technology investments evolve proactively with changing needs.

Canon’s Enterprise MFPs

In Canon’s enterprise Multifunction section, they offer five categories of printing office solutions, including high color volume, color mid-volume, color compact, black and white high volume, and black and white mid-volume. Print speed, color output, and paper size all play a role in determining the proper Canon MFP for your business.

  1. Canon Color High Volume printers have a maximum speed of up to 80b&w and 70 ppm in color with a maximum of 13″ X19″ paper size.
  2. Canon Color, Mid Volume printers have a maximum speed of up to 70b&w and 70 ppm in color with a 12″ X18″ paper size.
  3. Canon Color Compact printers have a maximum speed of up to 60b&w and 60 ppm in color with a maximum of 8 ½” X14″ paper size.
  4. Black and White High Volume printers have a maximum speed of up to 105ppm printing in black and white only with a maximum of 13″ X19″ paper size.
  5. Black and White, Mid Volume printers have a maximum speed of up to 70ppm printing in black and white only with a maximum of 12″ X18″ paper size.

After reviewing Canon’s output specifications, the next step is to decide which Canon Lease is best for your business. Does your company need a Canon copier with color and black and white capabilities?

Canon Printer Output

  • Canon offers two different outputs for its printers, depending on your business needs. Multifunction printers or Color Multifunction Printers can be leased from BDS.
  • Color printers are the best choice for companies that need to print high-quality photos, logos, and other marketing materials.

If your business primarily prints internal documents like email, order forms, or simple spreadsheets, you should consider leasing a Canon Black and White printer. A black and white printer with speeds up to 105ppm has a crucial feature: fast printing.

Paper Sizes needed for your Canon Printer Lease

In most businesses, letter-sized prints are 8.5″ x 11″, legal-sized prints are 8.5″ x 14″, and tabloid-sized prints are 17″ x 11″. Multifunction printers from Canon can handle a variety of paper sizes, but this can vary by model, opening a wide range of possibilities for companies with in-house printing needs. Canon Multifunction printers are especially beneficial for certain printing projects, like posters and marketing materials.

Canon Printer Technology for your lease

Regardless of how many printers you manage, your MFP needs to perform at its best, whether your workgroup is small or large. Keeping your business running smoothly requires a Canon Printer that offers your required solutions. Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX models come with several standard features, including:

  • Output Management
  • Information Management & Workflows
  • Canon Device Management
  • Canon Mobile Solutions
  • Canon Document Management

In today’s hybrid work environment, employees work from home or in an office. Users can seamlessly transition between an office imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX and a home imageCLASS multifunction printer with a similar experience and ease of use.

Want to learn more about Canon printer leasing? With $2,000,000 in inventory, we’ve got you covered. Reduce your upfront costs with a Canon printer, worry-free equipment maintenance, and managed print services from our highly dedicated, efficient, and productive team. Learn more about buying versus leasing a MFP printer here.

Lease or Purchase a Canon Business Printer

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June 1, 2022

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