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Canon Multifunction Printers/Copiers

Canon Multifunction printers (MFPs) cater to diverse work settings, ranging from compact workgroups and offices to enterprises.

Canon Printer MFPs are designed to be the backbone of office environments.

Canon is at the forefront of advancing office multifunction devices and refining performance. Through ongoing enhancements, these devices boast increased speed, high-quality printing, reduced operating noise, and improvements to core features.

Canon’s multifunction devices are more than tools for basic office tasks. Businesses can meet the challenges of a dynamic and competitive environment through quality, speed, and innovation. As Canon continues to lead the way, businesses can anticipate ongoing advancements that redefine office equipment capabilities.

BDS is an authorized Canon reseller in New England and Florida. As an authorized reseller, BDS meets Canon’s expertise, service, and customer support standards.

Canon’s advanced print technology and innovative solutions enhance business intelligence, security, and efficiency. There is a growing demand for modern, user-friendly, secure, and adaptable printing solutions that meet businesses’ changing needs. As a result, Canon MFP printers are evolving to meet these demands.

canon printer mfp Intelligent print

Intelligent Workplaces

Canon’s advanced print technology brings intelligence to the workplace. Intelligent MFPs can streamline document workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and incorporate smart features such as cloud integration and mobile printing. This boosts productivity and fosters a more intelligent and responsive working environment.

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Enhanced Security Measures

Recognizing the critical importance of data security, Canon MFP printers are equipped with advanced security features. These may include user authentication, encryption, secure printing, and compliance with industry standards. Safeguarding sensitive information becomes a top priority, ensuring businesses can operate confidently in an era of data protection.

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Efficiency through Innovation

Canon understands the necessity for efficient printing solutions in the modern workplace. Businesses can keep pace with evolving requirements by constantly innovating and improving Canon printer MFPs. Faster printing speeds, optimized workflows, and intelligent document management provide a more efficient and streamlined office environment.

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Adaptability to Evolving Needs

The dynamic business environment demands printing solutions that adapt to changing requirements. Canon MFPs are designed with flexibility, allowing businesses to scale their printing capabilities easily, integrate with emerging technologies, and stay ahead of industry trends.

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Versatile Document Handling

Canon MFPs support various paper sizes, types, and formats, accommodating businesses’ diverse document needs. This versatility is useful for handling different printing and scanning requirements. In addition, finishing options include staples, binding, and booklet printing.

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Environmental Considerations

Canon is committed to sustainability, and many of its MFP models are energy-efficient. Efforts to reduce businesses’ environmental footprints and run environmentally friendly operations align with this effort.

How to choose a Canon Printer (MFP)?

We offer a wide range of Canon printers designed to meet every need. Whether you seek high-quality photo prints, efficient document processing, or versatile multi-functionality, BDS offers a comprehensive selection of Canon printers that align with your unique needs.
Print Volume:
Consider your office’s print requirements when choosing a printer. The monthly duty cycle indicates the maximum number of pages a printer can manage each month without sacrificing performance or durability. This metric is the printer’s highest monthly page count. It represents the maximum number of pages the device can produce without undue wear and tear.
Color vs. Monochrome:
Consider whether your office will frequently print color documents or focus primarily on black-and-white documents. If color printing is infrequent, a monochrome business printer can fulfill your office needs while saving money. Explore our Black and White – Monochrome Printers page for more information.
Single Function vs. All-in-One/Multifunction:
While single-function business printers usually possess all the features required to support your company’s printing needs, multifunction business printers (also known as all-in-one business printers) offer scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities in one device. A multifunction business printer streamlines office space and reduces costs by eliminating multiple machines.
Paper Handling:
Ensure that your printer’s standard configuration can accommodate enough sheets beyond your daily printing requirements. While home printers typically have an input capacity of around 150 pages, which suits home offices and very small businesses, it may not be adequate as your business expands.
Print Security:
Seek a business printer with advanced security measures. Many MFPs incorporate added security, controlling device access, and printing or scanning documents. This ensures a secure device connection to your network, offering enhanced control over who can access sensitive information.

Secure printing requires users to authenticate themselves at the device before documents are released. This is a safeguard against unauthorized access to sensitive materials left unattended. Additionally, encrypted scanning guarantees that scanned documents are stored safely, limiting access to only authorized personnel and reducing data leakage risk.

Cloud Print Technology

Cloud Connector links imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX, imagePRESS Lite, and compatible imagePRESS models to designated cloud services. This tool simplifies cloud-based printing and scanning without system configuration. With Cloud Connector, connecting and leveraging cloud services becomes streamlined. This provides a convenient and efficient solution for expanding the functionalities of supported Canon printing and scanning devices.

Canon Security Features

Sensitive data traverses between desktops, mobile devices, and multifunction printers, so safeguarding your print environment is paramount. Recognizing this imperative, Canon Multifunction Printers/Copiers have been fortified with a diverse array of security features. These capabilities are strategically designed to uphold your data’s confidentiality but also to enhance its accessibility and availability. BDS can help you keep your printers secure.

Canon Business Printers

Canon business models make managing multiple devices from a single central point easy. You can monitor device status and consumables easily. Moreover, you can remotely turn off devices, capture meter readings, manage address books, and oversee print drivers. With centralized management, you can implement security policies to protect sensitive information. The process is intuitive and offers a robust approach to device management.
Canon printer in office

As an authorized Canon dealer in New England and Florida, BDS ensures seamless alignment of office printing capabilities to meet business demands.

When you choose BDS for your high-end Canon multifunction printer needs, you’re investing in a comprehensive print solution. Canon printers are not just about printing; they represent a fusion of top-notch performance, unwavering durability, and advanced features that cater to the evolving needs of small businesses to large enterprises. In today’s fast-paced business landscape, your printing infrastructure plays a critical role in maintaining productivity and efficiency.

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