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Benefits of a Canon Multifunction Printer

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Canon multifunction printers offer printing, scanning, copying, and faxing features to keep your business running smoothly.

Take control of your business printing tasks and stop spending your time waiting at the office printer. Take advantage of a Canon multifunctional printer.

A multifunction printer is a common choice for budget-conscious businesses that want to reduce costs, consolidate assets, and simplify workflow.

Office Multifunction Devices from Canon: Lead the Way

Canon continues to refine its office multifunction devices. They are enhancing the speed, printing high-quality photos, reducing the operating noise, and improving other core features. A high-end laser all-in-one printer has been made possible due to technological innovations, resulting in the introduction of high-power office equipment.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX C257iFWhy Choose Canon for your Office Printer?

End users and executives rely on IT professionals to resolve print-related issues and improve performance. As budgets and resources get tighter, the scope and complexity of the responsibilities and demands keep expanding.

The imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX MFP range from Canon is an excellent choice. For those responsible for managing print, it is a great fit in a challenging and often chaotic environment. In addition to simplifying the end-user experience, cloud-based printing solutions can provide several advantages. They can improve control over sensitive information, reduce printing costs and enable technology investments to evolve constantly with changing requirements.

Features of Canon MFPs

MFPs are multifunctional printers that handle a variety of office imaging functions, such as document input, output, storage, and transmission. Canon Printers feature cutting-edge technologies like its network, software, and document processing.

  • Scan documents quickly, easily, and accurately with Canon MFDs integrated with cloud services.
  • Automated file creation and data extraction are among the advanced features.
  • MFPs from Canon are fast and quiet due to their speed and silent operation.
  • They automatically identify and scan documents in the correct size while the paper feed never slows.
  • Utilizing optical technology acquired in camera development to ensure high-quality scan images.
  • Canon’s iR-ADV DX series integrates with uniFLOW Online Cloud Scan Advance service to automate digital filing and improve efficiency.
  • Add custom print finishing options. Staple, Bind, and Fold right from your internal finisher.

Does Canon Multifunction Printer/Copier Meet My Needs?

Canon Multifunction laser printer offers a wide range of models and integrated solutions. These solutions help address the document workflow challenges of evolving work environments, ranging from small workgroups to large departments.

Small businesses operating remotely must possess the right tools to run smoothly and efficiently. In this era, home working is becoming more common. The Canon Pixma is well suited to all printing tasks, especially photos. Making it a sensible choice for home offices and families.

Canon Places A High Priority on Print Security.

Organizations around the world are experiencing an increase in data security breaches. Canon models incorporate various advanced security features to safeguard sensitive information, ensure employee and customer privacy, and assist in regulatory compliance. Canon Multifunctional devices include technology to ensure that the boot process, firmware, and applications get started at startup. This technology prevents any alterations or tampering.

  1. Secure Print Management: This remote administration tool allows for managing security policies from a central location. These policies can be controlled using dedicated passwords.
  2. User Verification: Verification of user identity restricts access to the device with a picture log-in, PIN code, username/password, or card access.
  3. Monitoring in Real-Time: Canon devices can send device usage logs automatically to SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems. Using this tool, IT administrators can monitor the print fleet and better achieve security monitoring.

Environment Energy Standards

Canon’s new laser printers offer a smaller footprint. Laser printers meet ENERGY STAR® standards in environments ranging from medical offices to media agencies to real estate firms.

Multifunction Printers: Nine Things to Consider

It’s essential to ask the right questions before buying or leasing a multifunction printer. These nine points will help you learn what you need to know before buying a Canon multifunction printer.

  1. Determine what you and your users need the multifunction printer to do.
  2. What are your plans for using the printer beyond printing and copying? Examples could include managing documents, using a photo printer, reducing paper, simplifying workflow, scanning to the cloud, and working remotely.
  3. How many copies, prints, faxes, scans, and emails will you run daily? What is the number of users who will share the device?
  4. Are you looking for a black and white or color printer?
  5. Is it wireless or Wi-Fi? Cloud- and mobile-ready?
  6. Do you need certain security features?
  7. Identify the vendor’s compatible software and solutions.
  8. A smart multifunction printer will prevent bottlenecks and costly downtime for your employees.
  9. What size documents are you printing? Learn more about A3 versus A4 here.

Lease or Purchase?

Leasing versus buying can be a difficult decision. A multi-function printer (MFP) is essential for your office infrastructure. There isn’t one correct answer for everyone.

Leasing allows reduced upfront costs, tax deductions, and the benefit of upgrading to the latest print equipment. Additional benefits include:

  • Highly flexible — easy to add configurations.
  • You can easily add or remove devices from your infrastructure.
  • A good choice for high-volume usage.
  • Save money on sunken costs.
  • Constantly upgrade to increase efficiency.
  • Keep up with the latest security measures.
  • Reduce lifetime maintenance costs.

Learn more about Leasing a Canon Multifunctional Printer.

When you purchase Canon equipment, you own the machines. Since you own the equipment, you can keep it in service as long as you like. Age, however, makes it more likely that you will need more time to obtain the necessary parts for repairs. Other purchasing pros:

  • A good fit for small, low-volume companies
  • Longevity potential
  • Long-term costs are lower
  • Simple devices with a low starting cost are good
  • A good option for companies with not enough credit

Canon Multifunction Devices Streamline your Print Environment

With Canon devices, you can work the way you want. All MFP models feature 10.1″ touchscreens that are responsive and intuitive, making operation straightforward and seamless.

Users can customize their experience according to their personal preferences, regardless of which model they are operating. The interface remains consistent, making work effortless and with a minimum learning curve. Customized interfaces appear on login from device to device, so they’ll always see their preferred default login screen. Preferred settings include language, copy, send a fax, store settings, ease of access settings, previous job settings, and more.

Cost Management solutions

We work with you to reduce costs, improve services and maximize document access. You’ll find products, solutions, and services tailored to your business.

Managed Document Services

Using Canon’s Managed Document Services (MDS), you can precisely identify your document output costs through Assessment, Design, Implementation, Optimization, and Management. Reduce overall costs and environmental impact by identifying where time and resources are wasted.

Canon’s MDS eliminates the time and frustration of dealing with various vendors. It offers a wide range of services from one source.

In addition, this is beneficial for customers. Canon’s Managed Document Services can streamline your output management. This can reduce your IT department’s workload and the environmental impact of your printers and MFPs.

Canon Managed Print Services

Manage your office printing fleet more efficiently and save money with Canon Managed Print Services (MPS). Create an optimized, secure, and sustainable print and scan environment through the cloud, hybrid setups, or on-premise deployments. Enable seamless work between home and office environments.

An integrated Canon MPS solution includes the following:

  • Fleet Monitoring
  • Client Reporting
  • Help Desk Services
  • Print Equipment Maintenance
  • Change Management
  • Print Consulting
  • Advanced tools

Ensure maximum efficiency, productivity, and savings by optimizing your printing resources.

Print Analysis

Understanding your print environment is the first step to controlling and optimizing your fleet. As your business grows, the BDS team can help. We can help you better understand fleet patterns and make changes to optimize accordingly with managed print services.

Workhorses from Canon that Handle Demanding Workloads

Keeping office productivity high and minimizing support resources is essential to Canon printer systems. Canon printers have a well-deserved reputation as workhorses. Get up and running quickly and reduce downtime with these devices.

With Canon, your MFDs deploy promptly and efficiently. Proactive maintenance and rapid fixes are made possible by remote diagnostics and parts life management. Contact us today to get started with a new or certified Canon Printer.

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February 20, 2023

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