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What Is Toner In A Printer?

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Toner allows you to print vibrant, high-quality prints with your laser printer.

What Is Toner in a Printer?

Toner is a powder mixture used primarily in laser printers to help create vibrant prints that pop off the page. Toner is different from ink cartridges, as ink cartridges utilize liquid ink to create prints and are compatible primarily with inkjet printers. Still, you may be wondering, what is toner in a printer going to do for my prints? Why does it matter?

Why Toner Matters

Toner matters because it is the only substance compatible with laser printing. Laser printing is a method that requires laser technology to create prints. Printers with laser technology have certain strengths over inkjets and other devices, as they are known for accuracy, precision, and attention to detail.

A laser printer is a top pick for professional businesses, enterprises, and organizations looking for superior print quality. Your documents are often the first entry point for clients, customers, and vendors interested in your service. Make a great first impression with high-quality prints that lend to your specialty and credibility.

To reiterate, you can only achieve this effect on your documents with toner, which is why it’s essential to know what it is, best practices, and the benefits of printing with this fine powder substance.

How is Toner formulated?

Toner powder is a powdery substance made from many tiny plastic particles dusted in carbon. It is available in color and black and white, and the carbon substance helps the color or font print. All these parts work together to create eye-catching prints.

Toner is compatible with most commercial laser printer brands. As certified resellers of many of the most popular printer brands in the world, BDS offers a diverse selection of printer toner compatible with brands you know and love, including:

Stick with printer supplies that are compatible with your device’s brand, as this guarantees the best print quality. BDS print experts can help match your device with the perfect toner to ensure you receive the best print quality! It may be tempting to invest in the cheapest toner ink to save money on your budget, but you may cost yourself more with poor print quality!

At BDS, we are big on creating sustainable solutions that last a lifetime. As your #1 trusted local New England and Florida print technology provider, we are sure we can provide you with the best toner for your needs. Whether you need black-and-white, color, or brand-specific supplies, we’ve got you covered.

Best Practices for Using & Storing Printer Toner

Storing Printer Toner

The key to achieving the best print quality when using toner is to use it properly. This includes how you store your toner, installation, and safety tips. When it comes to storing your toner, you will want to ensure you store it in a dry, cool place. Although toner tends to be more forgiving than liquid ink when it comes to spillage, accidents still happen.

Place it in a non-busy area in your office to avoid creating a large powdery mess. Although non-toxic, it is best to avoid getting toner anywhere near your eyes, mouth, or body, especially for extended periods of time. Everyone’s body reacts differently to substances, and the last thing you want to do is put your staff at risk of adverse reactions.

When onboarding and training new staff, enforce proper storage and safety measures. Equip managers and supervisors with the education and resources to maintain why toner safety and storage are essential. To recap, adequate storage and safety precautions for toner are necessary in offices because they:

  • Protect the well-being of staff
  • Ensure superior print quality
  • Avoid wasting materials from spills and accidents

Additionally, try to keep your toner out of sunlight or harsh weather environments. That goes for humid closet space as well. Your toner will not survive in adverse weather conditions, so finding the right cool and dry spot for it is paramount.

Your laser printer should be on a regular maintenance schedule to maintain proper functioning. However, if you are not already on one, consider investing in one right away. Your toner can only perform as well as your printer, so setting an environment for your toner to thrive is critical to maintaining superior print quality.

Benefits Of Using Toner Over Ink

If you are new to print technology, you will quickly notice one of the largest debates among printer experts: Is toner better than ink for your printer? As we have already discussed, toner is for laser printers, whereas ink is used for inkjet printers. It can be challenging to determine which is better because each business has unique needs that make one a better option.

Avoid Ink Spills, Clogs, and Mess

For today’s purposes, we will focus quickly on the benefits of using toner instead of liquid. The first reason toner may be a better investment over ink is that ink is messy. Ink spills, clogs, and other messes can be annoying to work with. If not safely stored, it is quite easy to spill ink, and ink blotches and smudging can easily ruin the most beautiful designs. You avoid many of these issues when using toner’s powdery substance for your prints.


Affordability can be tricky to determine, as it will vary depending on the type of printer you are using, brand, and size. However, toner still comes out on top regarding long-term affordability. Toner can print at high volumes before being replaced. Effectively, the higher page yields of toner make it cheaper, as your cost per page is lower than it would be from ink.

Do not forget that ink spills, clogs, and messes cost your company money, too. Although some of these issues can be solved by troubleshooting, if left untreated, they often require a third party to step in to remedy the issue.

Reliable High-Quality Prints

Laser printers have a reputation for creating eye-catching designs that lend credibility to enterprises of all sizes. Laser beam technology ensures that the toner substance reliably transfers to your print quickly while maintaining the detail of your original document. Versatility is a staple in toner’s printing process, as you can quickly shift between printing high-quality designs and professional business documents in no time.

Should I Invest in Color Toner or Black and White?

Gauge the scope of your current print jobs to help you determine which type of toner is best for your business. Toner is renowned for its vibrancy in color, but it is not for everyone. Color toner can be a bit more expensive than black and white, so avoid spending money on it unless you see yourself regularly printing in color.

It is worth investing in a laser printer with both capabilities so you have the choice to print in color should you change your mind down the line. Doing so will help you avoid having to invest in brand-new equipment. BDS experts are here to offer support should you need further assistance determining the best printer toner for your printer.

If you already know the type of toner you are looking for, what are you waiting for? Request your next supply shipment with BDS, and we will get you started with our diverse collection of high-quality printer toner. We offer the most fair and affordable printer supply pricing in the New England and Florida regions.

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June 14, 2024

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