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Used Copiers for Sale Near Me

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Our diverse portfolio of certified preowned copiers is the perfect addition to your print environment.

Local New England and Florida businesses can rely on BDS to deliver used copiers for sale at a fair and affordable price. Our certified preowned copiers are guaranteed to provide the extra boost necessary for upgrading your print infrastructure. Whether you are looking for a laser, inkjet, or multifunction copier, BDS has a diverse portfolio of devices ready to go!

Certified Preowned Copy Machine

As your #1 certified preowned copy machine provider, BDS offers an array of devices made to fit various diverse office spaces and industries. Before our devices even hit your office, you can trust that they have been tested thoroughly and are prepared to perform optimally. We put each device we offer through a rigorous testing process to ensure that your copier can withstand the most challenging conditions and perform optimally in your print environment.

When you invest in your next certified preowned copier with BDS, you will quickly realize that it is unlike any other experience you have had with an office equipment provider. Our expert team goes the extra mile to find the best device that works optimally in your environment. We are not concerned with pushing the most expensive or advanced model on you, especially if it does not match your needs.

Instead, we aim to find the most sustainable option for your office so you can experience the long-term benefits of your device. You will quickly notice that BDS differs from the type of copier provider that ghosts you after purchase. We regularly check to ensure your equipment is working correctly and ready to respond fast should you run into any issues.

We cannot stress the importance of investing with a certified preowned copier provider. Doing so will protect your investment, wallet, and peace of mind, knowing you have an expert team at your fingertips.

Certified Reseller of Copiers

You are in the right place if you are looking for a Canon, Kyocera, HP, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, or Xerox copier. BDS is a certified reseller of these brands, meaning these providers have authorized us to sell, maintain, and service these devices. The beauty of working with a reputable third-party copier provider like BDS is receiving cutting-edge equipment with personalized service.

Investing in a device feels so much better, knowing that you have a trusted resource at your fingertips if something goes wrong. Our expert team is keen on providing friendly and personable service, meaning no question is too big or small for us to answer. We take every inquiry seriously and create the most positive experience for our clients.

Color and Black and White Copiers Available

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To expand upon our diverse portfolio of copier options, we additionally offer an array of copiers with black and white and color options. Determining which copier is best for you, black and white or color can be a bit difficult considering the associated cost with color copies.

We are proud to offer the most affordable prices on our copiers, so you have one less burden to worry about. Many of our clients opt for copiers with the capability to copy in both formats. Whichever is best for you, we guarantee we have an option. Additionally, if you need help determining the best, BDS is here to help!

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May 20, 2024

About BDS:

BDS is an authorized office technology provider/reseller with corporate headquarters in Marlborough, MA, and offices throughout New England and Florida. Since 1978, we have supported local customers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Florida with copier and printing solutions.
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