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Find the best small copy machine for office print management

Small copy machine for office management at BDS

From desktop copiers to multifunction copiers, let us find the best office copier addition for your office.

A robust print infrastructure is paramount to the success of a business. To earn success, most small and large businesses incorporate various print devices and solutions to build a solid foundation. The size of these devices matters for small businesses, as they typically are smaller in space than larger businesses. BDS can help you find a small copy machine for office print management with our expansive line of copiers.

In general, small businesses tend to have a tighter budget. We can provide you with an office copier at an affordable price with our flexible financing options. Some of our finance options even include replenishment from ink cartridges, printer paper, or any required supplies. Today, we will walk you through the copier options available at BDS while highlighting the best ways to optimize your copier for your small business.

Different copiers for different needs

One copier differs from the other, just as one business or organization is different. Some copiers have additional capabilities that may appeal to some businesses rather than others. When searching for your next copier, you must keep this in mind. If you invest in the most popular copier without adequately gauging the needs of your print environment, you may end up with a device that is of little to no use to you.

Furthermore, investing in the improper device for your environment can be costly. Copiers are becoming more expensive as technology grows and evolves. Think of copiers from two decades ago compared to the new 2023 models, and you will see the difference in price and capability.

Still, sticking with traditional models is more than sufficient for some businesses and organizations. The critical takeaway is to gauge your printing needs. Some needs to consider include:

Printing/Copy frequency

Regarding your printing/copy frequency, if you are in an industry that prints and makes copies less frequently, it might not be wise to invest in the most expensive and advanced model since you will not see a real return on your investment. Instead, you may be better off with a practical desktop copier that can range as low as $50. If, however, you find yourself printing more frequently, consider a more advanced copier that can handle your high print/copy volume.

Speed requirements

Speed is one of the top considerations worth closely examining in your print environment. How quickly do you need to be able to make copies? If you have high-volume print/copy needs, you will require a higher PPM (Pages Per Minute) to ensure you can keep up with your day-to-day tasks. Printing or copying less than 20 times per week may not require a copier with a higher PPM.

Black and white or color

Are your copies going to be in color or simple black and white? Many businesses invest in a copier with the option to use color if necessary. However, this may not be the best method. If you print or copy in color once a month or even once a week, you may spend more on a copier with color when you rarely use this type of ink.

Best small copy machine for your office

After you have done your research to gauge the requirements for your print environment adequately, you can start exploring specific copier models and brands. Just one quick search, and you will see an influx of copiers from various brands and models, which can make narrowing down the best model for you difficult. That is why BDS is here to help.

We are certified resellers of the most popular copier brands in the world, including:

As certified resellers, these brands have authorized us to sell, service, and maintain their products. Our service technicians and sales experts have the correct knowledge and training to help you make the best decision for your office. In general, each brand has its unique strengths that set them apart from one another.

Determining the right brand for you is only part of the equation. What is more important is finding a suitable model. In other words, what is the best type of copier for you? Once we determine the best type, we can narrow down the appropriate model and brand. You may be wondering what copiers are available for small offices, and we have you covered.

Desktop copy machines

Desktop copier machines are the most popular, easily accessible copiers available. These devices are simple and easy to use, making them perfect for casual and first-time users. They come in all assorted sizes and offer additional capabilities. The price can range from as low as $50 to upwards of $500. Typically, the more expensive your desktop copier is, the more advanced your capabilities you receive.

The flexibility of these devices in price point and capabilities make them a no-brainer for most small offices. They are a great entry-level passage for copiers and are not as challenging to use. The desktop copier market is oversaturated, so finding the right model and brand for you will take some work. Luckily, BDS is here to help!

Multifunction devices

Imagine having print, scan, and copy capabilities in one device. With multifunction devices, you get all that and more! Although these devices may not be marketed as copiers, they sure function as one with high PPM capabilities and high-quality copies. At a retail price, multifunction devices tend to be a bit more expensive than traditional models. However, incorporating one of these devices can effectively reduce the overall long-term cost in your print environment.

For instance, because this device can perform the tasks of multiple devices in one, you can reduce the number of devices needed in your office. Reducing the number of print devices in your environment will help reduce the cost of maintaining those separate devices and supplies. Even if you require two of these devices, you would be amazed at the long-term savings.

What is great about these devices is that they are truly flexible. Meaning you do not have to worry about these devices being incompatible with your current print environment. Even if you decide to keep a separate printer or copier, these devices will only add value to your print environment. These devices will:

  • Boost productivity
  • Help you save on print-related costs
  • Maintain strong security measures
  • Save space

Add document management for ultimate cost savings

Document management

Small offices will need all the cost savings they can get, so we strongly recommend you invest in our document management services for the ultimate savings! BDS document management services are reliable and scalable, helping you automate print workflows and manage your source documents efficiently.

These services will help you save money on print-related costs, as you will have a completely digital database for all your documents. With document management services, you can safely and efficiently store all your electronic documents and files in one cloud to reduce the cost of printing and storing them manually.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, document management services are more necessary. Having the ability to share documents quickly and efficiently among employees will only boost productivity in your business. This boost in productivity will successfully allow your business to reach those larger goals you have set forth.

Invest in small copy machine for office management with BDS!

Are you ready to invest in your next copier with BDS? Request a quote today and will respond within the next 48 hours (about two days). Rest assured, when you partner with BDS, you are partnering with a print partner like no other.

We guarantee you will not experience the typical service pains we have all experienced, like slow response times and pushy salespeople. We pride ourselves on doing things differently, which has helped us successfully integrate office technology and solutions into our local New England and Florida communities.

Are you looking for tips and tricks to optimize your office equipment and solutions? We have a ton of resources available to help. If you prefer a step-by-step guide to utilizing various aspects of your print environment, check out our knowledge base for free resources. If you like what you are reading now, be sure to check our blog every week for new articles.

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December 13, 2023

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