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Black and White Laser Printer: Ricoh

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As certified resellers of Ricoh office technology, BDS offers Ricoh black and white printers to help with your everyday print jobs.

Ricoh printers, copiers, and multifunction printers are workhorse devices made to last in various business environments. These devices have been praised for their reliability, speed, and sleek design. One of the most popular printer Ricoh options is a standard black and white laser printer.

A black and white printer can refer to several types of printers. Any printer that prints in black and white would technically fit the bill. But there is a difference between a multifunction device with various print and ink options and a standard laser printer with black and white ink/toner only.

In general, black-and-white standard laser printers will be less expensive and more accessible than advanced models. Today, we will focus on why a standard black-and-white laser printer may be the right addition to your office.

Why a Black and White Laser Printer?

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For some, investing in a printer solely for black-and-white print jobs may seem pointless. Why not have the accessibility of color ink/toner options? For many businesses, color ink/toner is not required. Believe it or not, the difference between black and white ink/toner and color is substantial, especially considering the long-term cost.

So, investing in a printer with color printing capabilities may be a waste for many businesses looking to print solely traditional black-and-white documents. Furthermore, if you decide to invest in a printer with ink/toner capabilities and rarely use the color function, you are still spending more money upfront.

In general, color printers tend to be more expensive because they are not typically standard for most business documents. If you work in a profession like finance, accounting, or government, you may not require color ink and would be better off saving money with a traditional, less-expensive model.

In contrast, if you work in a highly creative field like marketing or design, you want to invest in a printer with both options. Furthermore, education professionals can benefit from a printer with both capabilities to help create visual aids and other educational resources for their students.

Why Ricoh?

Ricoh is one of the top office technology brands in the world, and for good reason. Ricoh users have highlighted affordability, reliability, and efficiency as the top reasons they utilize Ricoh printers. Furthermore, they have quickly adapted to the digitization of offices worldwide.

Ricoh is keen on keeping its finger on the pulse of what the digital world demands from offices. The goal is to create user-friendly, highly efficient equipment built to last. As certified resellers of Ricoh printers, copiers, and multifunction devices, BDS can attest to these attributes.

We are proud partners of Ricoh and have the necessary technology and tools to implement, service, and sell these devices to local New England and Florida businesses. As certified resellers, we guarantee the most fair and affordable local pricing for Ricoh office equipment.

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March 13, 2024

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