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Print Management Education Solutions at BDS

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BDS offers managed print and document management services to help education professionals better manage their print management.

Print management education solutions at BDS are affordable and flexible. With over 40 years of experience assisting local education professionals in New England and Florida, BDS has the best approach. Our most popular solutions for education professionals are our managed print services and document management services. These services each have strengths and weaknesses and can become a powerhouse duo when combined.

BDS Managed Print Services for Education

Managed print services are print solutions that help reduce print-related costs, have better security features, and boost efficiency. When you partner with BDS for your managed print services, we help monitor your print environment with our innovative and adaptable technology. Managed print services can help you monitor your toner and ink levels, enact better security protocols, and improve productivity among students and staff.

A solid print management solution will help elevate your already existing print infrastructure. Managed print services are compatible with almost all types of print devices, from traditional desktop printers and copiers to multifunction devices, scanners, and more. When you invest in these services, you do not need to worry about updating all the devices in your environment, which can be time-consuming and cost a ton of money.

The best part about partnering with BDS for your managed print services? You receive expert support at your fingertips. For example, if you run into a tough paper jam that you are unable to remedy on your own, the BDS team can get to your office in record time (between 2-4 hours) to fix the issue. You will not get this kind of support from any old print partner. BDS truly does things differently, which is how we have become your #1 trusted print partner in New England and Florida.

BDS Document Management Services for Education

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In contrast with managed print services, document management services focus primarily on your documents instead of your print devices. For education professionals, these services are crucial. Educators and administrative staff regularly work with sensitive data, whether student records, grading metrics, or any other confidential information. It is imperative to have protection over this data to avoid it being leaked or stolen.

That is where document management services come into play. With BDS document management services, you can seamlessly manage, share, and protect your documents. We have created a user-friendly process for managing, storing, and protecting data for education professionals from all backgrounds.

When you invest in document management services at BDS, you will receive the following:

  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Enhanced security
  • Better control over documents
  • Boost in productivity

If you would really like to see your document management services go far, pair them with our managed print services for ultimate cost savings. When used together, these two are a powerhouse because managed print services will allow you better control over your devices, and document management services will offer better control over your documents. With better control, you can effectively reduce print-related costs from your budget, leading to ultimate cost savings.

Flexible Finance Options at BDS

The one thing we’ve yet to touch on regarding print management education solutions is our finance options. Education professionals deserve the most fair and affordable pricing for their print solutions. BDS understands this, so we offer customized finance options to help ease the cost burden when integrating these solutions.

The important thing to remember when considering the cost of your print management education solutions is that the solutions will save you more than what you may pay monthly. What we mean by this is not being fearful of a monthly payment. Our expert team will take the time to walk you through the finance process to show you the savings you will be making annually by investing in our services.

Furthermore, do not discount the included maintenance services offered by BDS when investing in managed print or document management services. Odds are, you will eventually need some type of maintenance on your print devices. Access to the #1 print partner in New England and Florida to remedy the issue is a great added benefit when investing with BDS.

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January 10, 2024

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