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BDS HIPAA compliant printing solutions

HIPAA compliant printing solutions

Do you need healthcare printing solutions? BDS offers managed print services, document management services, and other advanced printing technologies to boost productivity and protect confidential data.

As healthcare professionals, HIPAA compliant printing solutions are a necessity for successful document and data management. You want to ensure you have the best HIPAA compliant printing solutions to help protect health information. BDS offers an array of solutions that can benefit healthcare professionals with their data security and confidential documents. We take the time to examine your print environment so we can determine the best solutions unique to your environment.

Of these solutions, our most popular options are managed print services, cloud print management services, and document management. Although these are the most popular options healthcare institutions gravitate towards, other options may benefit you. BDS offers mailing services, like HIPAA compliant mailing solutions, to various healthcare professionals. Still, today, we will focus on the previous three solutions and how they will benefit your healthcare institution.

Managed print services

Managed print services offered through BDS help protect your printers and copiers by reducing and monitoring print-related costs. With managed print services, you can minimize downtime, increase efficiency, extend the life of your printer, and gain better control over your print infrastructure. Regarding control, this is an important aspect of protecting patient information. Control empowers staff and prevents data leaks with proper security measures in place.

When you invest in managed print services, you gain better control of the number of print jobs happening in each department. Not only will this help save you money on unauthorized print-related costs, but it will also help you implement a multi-layered print security strategy to protect data and clients. This enhanced security will protect your practice and staff from vulnerabilities in your print infrastructure.

Document management services

Document management services at BDS

With BDS document management services, we offer a custom solution for your healthcare document management needs. Gone are the days when you managed physical copies of patient records. Instead, you can store, manage, share, and organize this information in the cloud. The cloud offers additional security protections that would not otherwise be available with physical copies.

Furthermore, you are guaranteed to boost productivity in your offices due to the ease of sharing and storing documents. With our services, you can simplify, streamline, and automate all document-related processes while maintaining HIPAA compliance. This will only help you improve patient care and create a more efficient environment for healthcare professionals.

Cloud print management services

By now, you have heard us talk about the “cloud” when storing and organizing documents and sensitive data. Beyond document management, cloud print management services also help manage healthcare IT compliance. At BDS, we can help develop and implement the best healthcare-compliant technologies and solutions to enhance security.

Cyberattacks are rising, and healthcare professionals are among the most vulnerable populations. With our cloud print solutions, you can successfully build an infrastructure adhering to HIPAA compliance and protecting your print environment from vulnerabilities. Not only do these services protect patients, but they also protect your staff. These solutions are a no-brainer if you want to boost security and protect sensitive data.

BDS solutions fosters a secure print environment

The bottom line is that if you are in the New England and Florida area looking for HPA-compliant print solutions, BDS is your best choice. With over 40 years of experience providing solutions to our local communities, we have adapted the best practices to serve healthcare professionals with the best solutions. We take a comprehensive approach to providing the best solutions for your unique needs.

Request a quote today for your next HIPAA compliant print solution. We offer free resources on our blog and knowledge base to help protect your environment from cyberattacks and boost print security. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to stay updated on the latest advancements in print technology.

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December 25, 2023

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