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What is Enterprise Printer Management? 

What is enterprise printer management

Enterprise printing is the organization and management of printing devices within a large organization or enterprise.

It involves overseeing and controlling the printing infrastructure, including printers, scanners, copiers, and other related devices. The goal is to enhance printing, boost efficiency, save money, and ensure security in the company’s printer network.

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Key elements of Enterprise Printer Management:

Printer fleet administration:

This means tracking and controlling all printers’ numbers, types, locations, and capabilities. It may involve different types of printers, such as laser, inkjet, and multifunction devices.

Centralized control and monitoring:

Maintained printer status, controlled print jobs, updated drivers, and monitored printer status using print management software. Organizations can monitor consumables (toner, ink, paper) and schedule maintenance tasks. It enables proactive maintenance and optimization of the printer fleet.

Document workflow optimization:

Manages documents’ lifecycle, from creation to printing, distribution, and archiving. This helps streamline document workflows, reducing printing and paper usage by promoting digital documentation.

Cost management:

Reducing printing costs by optimizing printer usage, setting print quotas, and using energy-efficient printing methods.

Print security:

Printers need to be secure from cyber threats. This involves implementing access controls, encryption, regular firmware updates, and securing access to print servers.

Maintenance and support:

Overseeing regular printer maintenance, servicing, and troubleshooting. This can involve having an in-house team or contracting with external print service providers like BDS.

User Policies and Education:

Promoting digital documentation, establishing printing policies, and educating users on best practices for minimizing unnecessary printing. Define who can access specific printers and set user permissions to regulate printing access.

Integration with IT infrastructure:

Ensuring that printer fleets are seamlessly integrated into the organization’s network and compatible with other devices and software used within the enterprise.

How can my company use Enterprise Print Management?

Implementing enterprise printer management involves a structured approach combining technology, policies, and strategies to manage the entire printing infrastructure within a large organization efficiently.

There are three things to consider when choosing enterprise print software:

  1. Assessment and planning:
    Inventory and Assessment: Start by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the existing printer fleet, noting their types, locations, capacities, and usage patterns.
  2. Identifying needs and objectives:
    Determine the organization’s printing needs, cost-saving goals, security requirements, and user preferences.
  3. Choose tools and software that work for your company:
    Invest in software solutions that enable centralized printer fleet management. These tools should monitor, control, and report printing activities. Some print management software is proprietary to your print brand. An example is Kyocera Fleet Services, which only works with Kyocera brands.

Notable Enterprise printer management software solutions available in the market:

  • Kyocera Fleet Services (KFS):
    KFS is a comprehensive cloud-based print management solution offered by Kyocera Document Solutions. It is designed to monitor, maintain, and optimize a fleet of Kyocera devices within an organization.
  • HP JetAdvantage Solutions:
    HP’s print management solutions offer secure printing, cost control, remote management, and analytics. It includes tools for optimizing printing operations and enhancing security.
  • PaperCut:
    PaperCut is print management software that provides features for print job tracking, print cost allocation, quota management, and integration with various printers and operating systems.
  • Xerox® Managed Print Services:
    Xerox offers managed print services that include software solutions for centralized management, cost control, device monitoring, and security features across a fleet of Xerox devices.
  • Ricoh Print&Share:
    Ricoh’s Print&Share software offers print management functionalities, including secure printing, document workflow optimization, and integration with various document management systems.
  • Canon Therefore™:
    Canon’s Therefore™ software provides document management solutions that help organizations streamline workflows, reduce printing, and manage digital documentation.

Enterprise printer management:

Effective enterprise printer management requires hardware, software, policies, and regular oversight. This ensures that printing operations are efficient, secure, and aligned with the organization’s goals and practices. Centralized control and monitoring tools are essential for maintaining an optimized and secure printing environment in an enterprise setting.

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November 17, 2023

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