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Getting Started with Kyocera Fleet Services

Kyocera Fleet Services Set Up

Kyocera Fleet Services (KFS) is a remote monitoring solution providing real-time device diagnostics, alerts, firmware updates, and continuous monitoring of your supply levels.

When implemented, it optimizes your print environment to ensure you have the correct devices and resources for your business, ensuring you can maximize your Kyocera printer fleet.

With KFS, a managed print services provider can monitor all features in one manageable solution, seeing the big overall picture. BDS technicians can address issues before they impact your workplace by receiving instant notifications from the dashboard or email, from any location.  Hosted in the secure cloud, you can invest in your infrastructure.

Kyocera Fleet Services Remote Features Include:


Get a clear overview of the status of the entire fleet on one simple screen.


Get device logs displayed as statistical data; view device status information with timestamps.


Monitor the performance and status of devices with detailed reports. Real time data shows which machines are working most efficiently.

Firmware Upgrades:

Upgrade firmware packages via the cloud and receive new firmware upgrades anytime.

HyPAS Application Deployment:

Deploy and activate purchased HyPAS applications remotely, avoiding the cost of an on-site visit

Panel Screenshot:

Use PC to view real-time device panel screens to support troubleshooting and service calls.

Panel Note:

Get text notifications of ongoing servicing information directly on the device panel screens to help users stay informed.

Maintenance Mode Settings:

Remotely configure the maintenance mode of devices.

Device Settings:

You can remotely adjust the settings of multiple devices of the same model.

Watch this video on how Kyocera Fleet Services Work:

Ready to get started?
Our team can walk you through registering a device with Kyocera Fleet Services through the MFP Control Panel, Web Interface, or the device’s control panel. To guarantee the highest quality Kyocera service for your business equipment, Kyocera Fleet Services is only available through authorized channels like BDS.

BDS offers Kyocera Fleet Services as a platinum authorized Kyocera Partner to companies in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Florida. To learn more, contact us today!

About the Author:

BDS is an authorized office technology provider/reseller with corporate headquarters in Marlborough, MA, and offices throughout New England and Florida. Since 1978, we have supported local customers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Florida with copier and printing solutions.
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March 24, 2022
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