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Copier Machine Repair Near Me: Cost

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As the premier copier machine repair provider in New England and Florida, BDS is committed to providing local businesses and organizations with the most fair and affordable pricing on their copier repairs.

A solid copier repair service provider is critical in a time of need. The last thing any efficient business wants is extended downtime due to copier service delays. If you find yourself frantically searching for “copier machine repair near me,” fret no more, as BDS is your top choice. Our copier repair techs are the best in the industry and have the proper tools, resources, and knowledge to service your device.

Key Traits of a Stellar Copier Repair Servicer

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When searching for copier repair services, what are the top traits you look for? Is it dependability? Affordability? BDS is proud to offer both traits and more when you partner with us for your copier repair service needs. A distinguishing feature of BDS copier repair service includes our dedication to excellent customer service.

Copier repairs can be stressful, as we rely on these devices to perform essential everyday tasks. So, you want to ensure you are partnering with a copier service provider that is big on trust. BDS has over 40 years of success in establishing trust with the best businesses and organizations in New England and Florida.

We do not want to add to your stress. Instead, we aim to eliminate it by offering quick repairs that will get your device up and running quickly. Our technicians are friendly, knowledgeable, and reliable. In fact, we have offices strategically located throughout New England and Florida to ensure our technicians can act fast in an emergency.

Let’s Talk About Cost

Aside from reliability and advanced expertise, repair costs are equally important factors when shopping for a copier repair service provider. As we know, office technology equipment can be costly. Servicing these devices only drives up the cost, with some copier damage requiring up to thousands of dollars in service work.

BDS offers fair and affordable copier repairs at competitive prices. Additionally, we focus on sustainability when we service and work on your copiers. In other words, if we fix a specific problem and find an additional area for improvement in your copier, we make those changes so you can save money in the long run on your investment.

We take a comprehensive approach to providing copier repair services. If you are unsatisfied with our services or require additional assistance, we can help! We can even offer a temporary copier to keep you up with your workload. We are big on providing support throughout the life of your device and our services.

Certified Resellers of Copiers

In the event that you need to replace your current copier, BDS can also help with that! We have a full line of copiers available from world-renowned office technology brands, including:

As certified resellers of these brands, we are authorized to service, sell, and maintain devices from these brands to local New England and Florida businesses. Partnering with us for your next copier lease or purchase means you receive the most competitive and best copiers in the world at an affordable and fair price.

Additionally, partnering with BDS provides access to our relevant copier maintenance programs, such as preventative maintenance. BDS preventative maintenance program ensures that your copier runs optimally and that any identifiable issue is handled swiftly to avoid downtime in your office.

This program is excellent for busy professionals who do not have the time to monitor their devices. BDS can monitor your copier levels and create a schedule that works for you and your business to ensure you are up to date on maintenance.

Does BDS Offer Copier Leasing?

If you want to add another copier to your existing print infrastructure or upgrade your existing copier and save money in the process, our copier leasing program is the perfect choice. BDS crafts leases that are fair, affordable, and flexible for large and small businesses. Upgrades are easily accessible when you partner with us for leasing, and we also offer flexible lease terms.

Leasing allows you to stay competitive in your office. As technology continues to grow and adapt rapidly, you can rest assured that BDS offers high-quality devices that can keep up with the needs. We are constantly conducting market research to ensure we are offering the most competitive devices to help local businesses thrive.

With BDS copier leasing, you can:

  • Receive ongoing technical support and maintenance
  • Upgrade copier technology
  • Estimate future costs
  • Flexible finance and term options
  • Deduct cost of copier lease for taxes

We are happy to provide these services to a variety of industries. Our clients span education, healthcare, finance, insurance, engineering, and architecture. We are confident that we can provide your business with the best and most flexible copier lease, service, and repairs, regardless of industry.

Our 40 years of experience have allowed us to adapt and shift our approach to providing cutting-edge solutions. Stay updated on our latest updates by following us on our Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube channels today.

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May 9, 2024

About BDS:

BDS is an authorized office technology provider/reseller with corporate headquarters in Marlborough, MA, and offices throughout New England and Florida. Since 1978, we have supported local customers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Florida with copier and printing solutions.
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