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Best small office copy machine | Quick Guide

best small office copy machine

Choosing the right copy machine for your small business is tricky, with many print brands vying for the top spot.

Best small office copy machine business depends on your required features and functions, intended use, and budget.

To help you navigate this decision, we’ve assembled a list of pivotal factors that hold significance for small businesses. These factors encompass printer type and speed, print quality, customer service, pricing, and insights from customer reviews.

Cost considerations are pivotal in small businesses’ decision-making when investing in a multifunction copier. Beyond the initial purchase price, it is crucial to assess the total cost of ownership to make an informed decision.

We break down cost considerations for small businesses buying or leasing a copier.

  1. Initial purchase price:

    The upfront cost of acquiring a multifunction copier is the most visible aspect of the investment. Leasing requires less cash up front and is spread out over multiple payments.

  2. Ongoing maintenance costs:

    Consider the long-term maintenance expenses associated with the copier. Some manufacturers offer service contracts or maintenance packages that control and predict ongoing costs.

  3. Consumable costs:

    Consumables, such as toner or ink cartridges, contribute significantly to copier operational costs. Check the cost per page for printing and ensure it aligns with your budget. Additionally, evaluate the ease of replacing consumables to minimize downtime.

  4. Energy efficiency:

    Assess the copier’s energy efficiency to estimate utility costs. Energy-efficient models may have a higher upfront cost but save on electricity bills.

  5. Warranty and Support:

    Review the manufacturer’s warranty and customer support availability. A comprehensive warranty can mitigate unforeseen repair costs, and responsive support services can minimize downtime.

  6. Scalability and upgrades:

    Consider the copier’s scalability and the cost implications of potential upgrades. A copier that adapts to your business’s growth without frequent replacements is more cost-effective overall.

  7. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis:

    Conduct a comprehensive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis, considering all direct and indirect costs associated with the copier over its expected lifespan. This includes depreciation, repairs, and any other relevant expenses.

Features to look for in Best small office copy machine

Multifunction copiers:

Multifunction copiers for small businesses provide a consolidated solution for various office needs, combining copying, printing, scanning, and sometimes fax capabilities into a single device. These versatile machines can enhance efficiency and streamline office workflows.

Document handling capacity:

Consider the copier’s document handling capacity, including the size and type of paper it can accommodate. In addition, consider the power of its input and output trays. Learn more about A4 versus A3 printers and which suits your business best.

Print volume and Speed:

Select a printer with a monthly duty cycle that comfortably accommodates your average monthly printing volume. Running a printer consistently beyond its recommended duty cycle can lead to increased maintenance needs and reduced lifespan.

Consider the nature of your printing tasks. If you frequently print large documents or batches of pages, a higher print speed can significantly improve efficiency.

Black and white vs. color printing:

Print speed may vary between black and white (monochrome) and color printing. Color printing often takes more time than black and white. When choosing between black and white and color printing, it’s crucial to align your choice with your specific needs, balancing the desired print quality with the efficiency of your printing processes.

Security features:

Print security is a critical aspect of overall information security within an organization. As printers have evolved to include various functionalities beyond basic printing, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of printed documents has become increasingly important.

Our top picks for the best small office copy machine

Kyocera ECOSYS product line

The Kyocera ECOSYS is a potent, environmentally conscious, and budget-friendly printing solution. Boasting remarkable features, customizable choices, and a dedication to sustainability, the ECOSYS series emerges as an intelligent selection for businesses seeking to enhance their printing infrastructure. Experience an elevation in workplace efficiency with Kyocera ECOSYS – a convergence of innovation and reliability.

Our choice:

ECOSYS P6235cdn

Kyocera ECOSYS P6235cdn product image
The ECOSYS P6235cdn print solution, with speeds up to 37 ppm, is the product of choice for small-medium businesses and workgroups.

  • High speeds up to 37 ppm black and white and color
  • 5-Line LCD with Hard Key Control Panel
  • Optional Data Security Kit
  • Optional wireless, Wi-Fi Direct
  • Optional HD-6: 32 GB SSD / HD-7: 128 GB SSD

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE product Line

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX c357if product image
The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE is a series of multifunction printers (MFPs) designed for small to medium-sized business environments. These devices are known for their advanced features, high-quality output, and integration capabilities.

Our choice:


The Canon ImageRUNNER ADVANCE DX C568iF, a member of the 568iF Series multifunction printer, streamlines the user interface, oversees technology management, and regulates the handling of confidential information and expenses associated with printing.

  • Print up to 60 ppm (BW/color)
  • Scan up to 200 ipm (300 dpi) (BW/color, duplex)
  • 2,300-sheet maximum paper capacity
  • Color
  • Compact
  • Multifunction
  • Print up to 8-1/2″ × 14″

Ricoh Intelligent Mobility Product Line

The Ricoh IM Series (Intelligent – Multifunction) revolutionizes office printing by seamlessly integrating printer hardware and software, adapting to the requirements of modern digital workplaces.

Our Choice:

Ricoh IM C3000 Color Laser Multifunction Printer

Ricoh IM C3000
Achieve printing, copying, and scanning speeds of up to 30 pages per minute (ppm) with the cost-effective and professional-grade IM C3000. Enhance its capabilities by downloading software and applications for the device through RICOH Always Current Technology.

  • Meet every demand with speed and scalable intelligence
  • Prints up to 30 ppm, copy, scan, optional fax
  • 1200×1200 dpi max print resolution
  • Paper capacity up to 4,700 pages
  • Add software and applications as necessary to meet emerging needs

HP LaserJet Enterprise Series:

Compact and efficient, this laser printer series is well-suited for small businesses and home offices. Renowned for their high-quality prints and swift printing speeds, these printers are highly esteemed.

Our Choice:

HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M430f

HP’s introductory Enterprise-class Color MFP M430f boasts up to 28 ppm speeds and unparalleled security measures. Tailored for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) and small work teams within larger enterprises, HP Office Laser Multifunction Printers offer heightened productivity, streamlined workflows, and lowered operational costs.

  • Print, copy, scan, fax
  • Print speed letter: Up to 29 ppm black and color
  • Auto duplex printing; 50-sheet ADF; 4.3-inch color touchscreen
  • The world’s most secure printing
  • Dynamic security-enabled printer
BDS can help you with the Best small office copy machines

Customer service remains at the core of everything we do and remains our top priority.

We can assist you in selecting the most appropriate copier for your business as an authorized reseller of Kyocera, Ricoh, Canon, and other major brands. With multiple offices across New England and Florida, we can quickly meet our customers’ needs with an average response time of just two hours.

We stand prepared with our knowledge and proficiency to assist you, whether you’re seeking cost-effective MPS service programs, digital multifunctional copying systems, scanning and archiving solutions, or document management systems.

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December 11, 2023

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