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Postage Machines for CT businesses

Connecticut businesses trust BDS’s full line of high-volume postage meters and customizable mailing solutions to help with all mailing and postage needs.


Postage Machines & Mailing Solutions Connecticut

BDS’s postage meters and mailing solutions allow local Connecticut businesses to easily send letters, large envelopes, and packages straight from your office. With our diverse portfolio of postage meters, we offer customized solutions to help create a simpler and more efficient mailing system for your business.

With mail metering, you can print any postage amount, weigh and rate mail precisely, and receive a discount on stamps. When it comes to your postal requirements, BDS’s specialized postage systems and sending technologies will improve your company’s productivity, workflow, and dependability. Depending on factors like how much mail you send, what kind of mail you send, whether you send it on someone else’s behalf, and whether you require a digitally connected meter, we’ll offer customized solutions for your business.


Woman opening Metered Mail

Connecticut Postage Meters and Mailing Services

Local Connecticut businesses gain access to BDS’s unbeatable catalog of postage meters at a fair and affordable price! Whether you are looking to rent, lease, or buy, BDS offers financing solutions to help make the cost more affordable.

Our office is strategically located in Connecticut to ensure fast response times to inquiries and service calls. As a premier Connecticut copier dealer, we provide sales and services throughout Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk, and more!

Postage Meter Sales, Rentals & Leases in Hartford, CT

Discover a range of postage meter offerings designed to streamline mailing processes for local Hartford, CT offices. From small businesses to large enterprises, BDS offers Hartford businesses customizable postage meter leases with flexible payment and terms. We guarantee reliable delivery of your precious mail when utilizing our devices, and ultimate cost savings. 


New Haven Postage Meter Leasing & Sales

New Haven businesses can boost efficiency and savings with BDS postage meter leasing and sales. Streamline your mailing operations with BDS state-of-the-art postage meters that ensure accurate postage and tracking for letters, packaging, and bulk mail. Our flexible leasing and certified preowned finance options are perfect for New Haven businesses looking for optimal productivity and cost savings.


Postage Meter Rentals Bridgeport

Discover seamless mailing solutions with BDS postage meter rentals in Bridgeport, CT. Our impressive catalog of postage meters and mailing solutions are scalable for diverse industries and business sizes from small business to large enterprise. Bridgeport businesses can simplify their operations and improve productivity with automated features that handle bulk mail effortlessly. Benefit from local support and expert guidance tailored to your business requirements.


Norwalk Certified Pre-Owned Postage Meters

Cost effective mailing solutions are easily accessible with BDS’s certified preowned postage meters tailored to meet the unique needs of Norwalk, CT businesses. Our certified preowned postage meters combine reliability and affordability, providing an excellent alternative to purchasing brand-new equipment. Our devices are rigorously tested to ensure they perform at optimal levels. Explore our range of certified preowned postage meters today and streamline your mailing operations with confidence.


Stamford, CT Postage Meter & Mailing Solutions

Empower your Stamford, CT business with efficient mailing solutions tailored to your needs. Discover a range of postage meters and mailing solutions designed to streamline your operations. Stamford, CT businesses benefit from advanced features like automated postage calculation and personalized support to enhance mailing efficiency.


Greater Connecticut Postage Meter Leases & Sales

With print technicians and offices strategically located in Connecticut, BDS offers postage meter rentals, leases, sales, and other mailing solutions to all local Connecticut cities. Our expert sales team can help match you with the perfect postage meter and solution for your office environment. Our technicians can seamlessly and safely implement your equipment with little to no interruption to your daily operations. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, BDS has options tailored to your unique needs.


Connecticut Enterprise Postage Meters:

For groups of 41+ users

Elevate your enterprise’s mailing efficiency with our advanced postage meters. We offer postage meters tailored for large-scale operations, offering unparalleled accuracy, speed, and reliability. Experience dedicated support and customized service to meet your enterprise’s unique mailing requirements.

Connecticut Medium-Sized Enterprises:

For groups of 11-40 users

Our comprehensive postage meter solutions are designed for medium-sized businesses looking to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and receive accurate and reliable postage calculation. From moderate volumes of mail to occasional bulk shipments, we have the perfect postage meter to help simplify your mailing process.

Connecticut Small Offices

For groups of 1-10 users

Affordability is crucial for small businesses, and we are proud to offer postage meters to small local Connecticut businesses looking for a high-quality mailing solution. Whether you are sending invoices, promotional materials, or customer communications, our compact and cost-effective postage meters will meet the unique needs of your business and industry.

Mail metered packaging

With over 40 years of experience providing impeccable printer technology support, we are confident in our ability to provide you with innovative and scalable mailing solutions.

Since BDS’s inception, our goal has always been to provide sustainable, cost-effective, and scalable print technology solutions to our local community. With a proven track record of over 40 years of success, we have done just that. Whether you are investing in a postage meter lease, supply replenishment, or any other mailing-related solution at BDS, you receive the same excellent signature service each and every time.

We didn’t become Connecticut’s #1 local trusted print technology provider overnight. Our dedicated and loyal local Connecticut customers helped us achieve that, and we are committed to investing in and growing our reputation for stellar customer service and impeccable support for all your printer-technology-related needs.

Boost productivity, Reduce costs, and Streamline Mailing Processes with BDS today!

Get started today on your next mailing solution with BDS! Our customizable solutions will transform how you send letters, large envelopes, and packages. Our team will help create cost-effective workflows that increase efficiency and keep your office running smoothly.

Connecticut Postage Meter Resources


What is a postage Meter Machine?

Postage meters are machines that print postage at home or work and can be leased by authorized providers without using physical stamps.

Small Business Postage Meter Benefits for CT Businesses

Connecticut small business owners can benefit significantly from postage systems to improve accuracy and efficiency and reduce costs.

Connecticut Business Systems

BDS, A Connecticut Business System, has exactly what your business needs to meet today’s printing challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities.