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Norwalk, CT Printing, Leasing, & Sales

BDS offers our cutting-edge catalog of printers, copiers, MFPs, and office solutions to local Norwalk, CT businesses and organizations looking to upgrade their existing print infrastructure!

#1 Local Norwalk, CT Print Partner

BDS is Norwalk, CT’s #1 print technology provider, offering innovative devices that provide growth opportunities for your office and business. Our technicians are dedicated to providing the highest customer service to local Norwalk businesses and organizations with our scalable and reliable print solutions.

For businesses looking for simple solutions to complex issues, BDS offers a full range of comprehensive print and office solutions. From managed print services to document management or cloud assistance, BDS will build you a customized solution to solve any requirements and/or problem.

Norwalk CT Printing - Norwalk CT Printers

Printer Finance Options in Norwalk, CT

BDS offers a various of financing services to help you incorporate high-quality solutions and devices in your office at an affordable and fair price. Whether you are looking to lease or purchase a certified preowned device, we can help match you to the perfect option for your Norwalk, CT office. 

Printer Leasing Norwalk, CT

Printer leasing at BDS is flexible and affordable, making it the perfect finance option for large and small enterprises. Our printer leasing program allows businesses to invest in the most competitive equipment for one low monthly payment. We offer flexible lease terms and payments to help customize a lease that works individually for your Norwalk, CT business. By leasing a printer with BDS, you can avoid the associated burden of ownership fees and responsibilities.

Lease or Purchase Office Printers

An office printer is perfect for businesses looking for a straightforward device to help them keep up with their daily printing responsibilities. BDS’s diverse office printer portfolio is available for lease and purchase and incorporates the best speed and efficiency in the business. Norwalk, CT, enterprises benefit from incorporating devices from popular brands at an affordable price. 

Large Format Printers

For Norwalk, CT businesses with large format printing requirements, BDS offers various large format printers to help you keep up with your large printing volume. From wide format printers to plotters, BDS has a diverse range of large format printers designed to help you print large-scale materials like blueprints.

Multifunction Printers (MFP)

Multifunction Printers (MFPs) are the ultimate productivity machines, with print, copy, scan, and fax capabilities to help you perform all essential office tasks efficiently. These devices are the perfect addition to offices looking for a boost in productivity in their print environment. Our MFP leasing option is the best way for Norwalk, CT, businesses to elevate their office to the next level with a budget-friendly finance option.

Norwalk CT Print Partner

How is BDS different than other Norwalk, CT print partners?

With over 40 years of experience providing cutting-edge office and print solutions to local Norwalk, CT businesses and organizations, BDS has become a print technology leader in Norwalk, CT. We are committed to providing the most competitive office and print products at an accessible and fair rice. We aim to help local Norwalk, CT businesses and organizations thrive with our products.



Giving back to our local communities

Giving back to the local Norwalk, CT, community is a massive part of why we do what we do. With our scalable solutions, we aim to help businesses and organizations upgrade their office and print environment to the next level. Our technicians are community members and will ensure your satisfaction with your investment in BDS. 


Trustworthy print technology provider

Any successful business collaboration is built on trust, and BDS has over 40 years of experience providing local Norwalk, CT businesses with effective print solutions, so you can rely on us to provide the best office and printing solutions. Our solutions are adaptable, long-lasting, and sustainable—the ideal trifecta for companies and institutions trying to advance to the next level.

Authorized Print Dealer Norwalk, CT

BDS offers printers, copiers, MFPs, and more to local Norwalk, CT businesses from brands like Kyocera, Canon, Konica Minolta, HP, Xerox, and Ricoh. As certified resellers, we are authorized to sell, maintain, and service these devices.

Kyocera Logo

Kyocera Dealer | Norwalk, CT

BDS is your one-stop shop for all Kyocera printers, copiers, and MFPS. As platinum certified resellers of Kyocera products, BDS has been recognized for our commitment to providing excellent support and knowledge regarding Kyocera print solutions. Combining Kyocera’s renowned longevity, efficiency, and durability with BDS’s excellent customer service and dependability will yield the best outcomes for local Norwalk, Connecticut businesses and organizations.

Canon Logo

Canon Dealer | Norwalk, CT

Simplify complex printing systems with Canon printers, copiers, and multifunction devices (MFDs) at BDS! We offer a diverse range of Canon office products that create more efficient printing systems for busy professionals. Canon office printers also have mobile connectivity options, making them the perfect addition for hybrid and remote Norwalk, CT businesses.

Konica Minolta Logo

Konica Minolta Dealer | Norwalk, CT

Konica Minolta is an excellent printing option for businesses with high-volume printing needs. BDS offers a diverse range of high-volume Konica Minolta printers to local Norwalk, CT, businesses looking for a printer that can print at high volumes and equally high speeds. We have the best printers for your business, from multifunction devices to high-volume production printers.

HP Logo

HP Dealer | Norwalk, CT

HP is renowned for its easy-to-use interface, diverse collection of printers, and adaptability to fit into diverse offices. BDS is a proud authorized reseller of HP printers and copiers. We offer these cutting-edge printers to Norwalk, CT, businesses looking to improve efficiency and keep their teams interconnected with HP’s advanced printing features. With HP print devices, you can simplify workflows and improve efficiency with these high-speed devices.

Kyocera Logo

Xerox Dealer | Norwalk, CT

BDS offers various Xerox office printers to local Norwalk, CT businesses. Whether you are looking to print in black and white or in color, we have options available so you can find the perfect fit. Xerox printers are great for local businesses looking to utilize Xerox’s advanced printing features like mobile printing and Wi-Fi connectivity. With Xerox print devices, you will be on your way to streamlining print processes by employing cutting-edge, fast, and reliable technology in no time!

Ricoh Logo

Ricoh Dealer |Norwalk, CT

When partnering with BDS, Norwalk, CT businesses and organizations have access to a full line of Rioch copiers, printers, and MFPs. Ricoh’s award-winning catalog of print devices is cost-effective and collaborative, making them perfect for businesses looking to keep their teams connected on a budget. The brand also boosts versatility in printing capabilities, maintaining its signature reliability at every level. 

Office Print Solutions

Partner with a customer-centric print technology provider

BDS’s dedicated and loyal customers are our #1 priority. We aim to ensure our clients receive scalable, environmentally friendly, and fairly priced print solutions they can count on for their day-to-day printing requirements. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority, and we go the extra mile to ensure we deliver customizable solutions.

With a Net Promoter Score of 92.6, we have earned a reputation for customer satisfaction and, more importantly, trust. You can trust that we will deliver and install your equipment on time with minimal interruption to your daily operations. 


Put BDS's 40+ years of experience to work for your Norwalk, CT business, today!

BDS is your premier printer leasing and sales partner in Norwalk, CT. We are strategically located throughout Connecticut to ensure quick service response times. Our team is dedicated to helping you identify solutions that optimize your document workflow, enhance productivity, and reduce costs.

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