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Wide Format Printers & Plotters for MA Businesses

Wide format printers provide Massachusetts businesses with the capability to produce an extensive range of large-scale media, including blueprints, banners, posters, and more.

With a large format printer, Massachusetts businesses can streamline their printing processes, reduce outsourcing costs, and maintain greater control over the quality and timing of their print materials.

As a trusted reseller, we offer a diverse selection of large-format printers and plotters. Our printers and plotters are reliable, cost-effective, and designed to meet Massachusetts businesses’ needs. We provide fast, efficient service to ensure our customers are up and running quickly. Additionally, we offer maintenance and support for our large format printers to ensure our Massachusetts customers’ long-term success.

BDS has been a large-format printer specialist for 40 years. As an authorized reseller and service provider for Kyocera, Canon, Ricoh, Xerox, Konica Minolta, and HP, we specialize in laser wide-format printers. We offer expert repair and support services and sell the latest wide-format printers and printing supplies.

Wide-format MA

Wide Format Printers and Plotters Available for Lease or Purchase in Massachusetts

For businesses in Massachusetts, acquiring high-quality wide-format printers and plotters has never been more accessible, with options available for lease and purchase.

Plotter Sales, Rentals & Leases in Boston

Our Boston, MA, plotter leasing services offer businesses flexibility and cost-effectiveness. We provide high-performance and affordable leasing options, enabling access to top-quality large-format printers without upfront financial investment. This approach ensures efficient operations and long-term cost savings for both small and large companies in the Boston area.

Wide-format copiers for sale, rent, and lease in Cambridge MA

Are you looking for competitive deals on laser wide-format printers for sale or lease in Cambridge, Massachusetts? BDS offers leasing or purchasing large-format plotters. When you buy or lease a wide-format copier in Cambridge through BDS, you partner with trusted dealers known for their excellent pricing and superior customer service.

Worcester Wide Format Printer Rental – Office Equipment Rental

Wide format printers offer a range of features and capabilities that make them a versatile and efficient rental option for Worcester businesses. Plotters have high-resolution printing capabilities. They can produce sharp and detailed prints, ideal for architectural drawings, posters, and banners. With large-format printing capabilities, plotters can print on various media sizes, from standard paper to large formats.

Wide Format Plotters for Sale & Lease in Springfield, MA

Are you searching for flexible large-format printer leasing and rental solutions for your business in Springfield, MA? Look no further than BDS. We provide standalone plotters, multifunctional wide-format devices, and high-volume production machines. Our customized leasing and rental agreements come with expert support throughout the process, and we are committed to customer satisfaction. Don’t hesitate – choose BDS for all your wide-format service needs in Springfield, MA.

Local Wide Format and Plotter Sales in Lowell, MA

BDS is the premier destination for Massachusetts business owners seeking a local authorized wide format printer near Lowell. Our services encompass large format sales, leasing, and rentals, all customized to meet Lowell businesses’ needs. With BDS, businesses in Lowell have access to a selection of wide-format printing, scanning, and copying solutions.

Quincy, MA Wide Format Copier Rentals and Leases

BDS offers high-quality office-wide-format printers and copiers for Quincy, Brookline, and Randolph areas. Whether you need a laser plotter in Norfolk County or a reliable plotter for your small business, BDS is committed to helping you find the ideal large-format solution that suits your specific requirements. Our full range of services includes copier repair, maintenance, and technical support to ensure your office equipment performs at its peak.

Top 5 things Massachusetts businesses should consider when choosing Wide Format Printers?

Finding the best wide-format printer is crucial for businesses needing high-quality printouts on larger paper sizes. Consider key factors impacting the plotter printer’s performance and durability to make an informed choice.
Print Resolution
Print resolution is crucial when buying a wide-format printer. Higher resolutions produce sharper and more detailed images, which are essential for large-format graphics and photographs. Printing at higher resolutions can take longer and slow your workflow.
Print Speed
Printing speed is essential when buying a wide-format printer, as it greatly impacts productivity and turnaround time. Faster commercial print speeds, like banners, posters, or blueprints, allow you to finish more jobs in less time. This can help you meet deadlines, deliver blueprints, posters, photographs, and banners faster, improve satisfaction, grow your business, and increase profits.
Media Compatibility
Media compatibility is critical when purchasing a wide-format printer, as it determines the range of materials you can use. Large format printers support various media types, and choosing a printer incompatible with your required materials can waste time and money. It’s imperative to assess the materials you plan to print on, such as vinyl, adhesive stickers, canvas, or glossy paper.
Maintenance and Support
Wide-format printers are significant investments that require proper maintenance and support to operate at their best and ensure long-term productivity. Services like regular cleaning, firmware updates, and parts replacements can prevent downtime and reduce repair costs, keeping your printer running smoothly.
Connectivity Options
Wide-format printers must have connectivity options. Integrating multiple devices and networks can enhance productivity and efficiency. Consider the devices and networks you will use, including computers, smartphones, tablets, and Wi-Fi. Additionally, check to see if the software and operating system are compatible. By eliminating the need to transfer files between devices, optimal connectivity can simplify your workflow.

Wide Format Printers Near Me

BDS is your local wide format printer dealer. Whether you need prints for advertising, events, blueprints, engineering drawings, or professional projects, BDS, an authorized wide-format printer in Massachusetts, ensures superior quality and service close to home. With our large-format printing technology, you can brilliantly visualize your ideas and leave a lasting impression.

Advantages of Wide Format Printer

Wide format printers provide numerous benefits over traditional printers, particularly in producing high-quality large-scale prints. Plotters and large format printers offer exceptional image quality and color accuracy and can print on diverse materials such as canvas, vinyl, and more.

Large Format Printing Services

Massachusetts’s large-format printing services offer specialized solutions for creating high-quality, oversized prints such as banners, posters, blueprints, and more. A wide-format printer is invaluable for businesses needing professional-grade prints for advertising, events, or internal projects. It provides the flexibility to produce prints on demand, reduces turnaround times, and eliminates the need to rely on external vendors.
Wide Format Printing Services MA

BDS has supplied Massachusetts businesses with wide format printers since 1978.

Built for demanding office environments, our multifunction plotters provide unmatched performance, reliability, and state-of-the-art features.

When you choose BDS as your large format printing needs for your Massachusetts office, you’re embracing a comprehensive printing solution. This includes top-notch performance, durability, cutting-edge features, and a commitment to fulfilling modern workplace demands. Elevate your office printing experience by teaming up with BDS, the #1 wide-format and plotter dealer in Massachusetts.

We are proud to be your Massachusetts print partner at BDS.

BDS is the largest printer leasing and sales company in Massachusetts. Headquartered in Massachusetts, our service areas and offices span across New England and Florida. Our team works closely with you to identify a solution that optimizes your document workflow, enhances productivity, and reduces costs for your business.

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What is a Plotter?

Wide format printers, sometimes called wide format plotters, can print large materials.