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Why Your Law Firm Needs A Managed Print Services Provider

Managed Print Services for Law Firms

Are you and your team spending more time frustrated at the printer?

If you see error codes, service warnings, running out of paper, or low toner alerts, it’s time to hire a managed print provider (MSP). Not sure what managed print providers do? Check out our first article in this series, “The benefits of Managed Print Services.”

As an office dealing with many sensitive documents, law firms are prone to regularly printing, scanning, copying, storing, and faxing critical documents. With sensitive documents such as financial records, sealed documents, and personal assets, law firms benefit from leveraging printer and copier service monitoring for service, ink, and toner supplies, so there is never downtime in time-sensitive situations.

Let’s examine a few factors to determine whether your office should implement managed print services.

  • Are you a law firm with high document traffic volume?
  • Does your law firm frequently print, scan, fax, and store documents?
  • Do your employees waste time waiting at the printer, reducing productivity?
  • Do you have a printer that frequently fails, interfering with the work of your law office?
  • Can you increase your employees’ productivity by switching to managed print services or implementing document management solutions?
  • Do you have a system for managing and printing documents efficiently and effectively when preparing for a trial, mediation, or settlement?
  • Does your law office have a fleet of multifunction copier printers?
  • Are you concerned about the security of your data?

How Can Managed Print Services Benefit Your Law Firm?

In your law office, managed print services can help you monitor print-related costs, minimize downtime, improve efficiency, and extend the useful life of your printers, faxes, and copiers. Your staff can focus on critical tasks such as supporting your legal team, dealing with clients, and generating revenue when trained; reliable technicians maintain your copiers and printers. Ordering printer cartridges or searching for toner to print critical documents is no longer necessary.

  1. 1. Control Your Law Office’s Printing Costs

    A managed print service allows law offices to monitor print and supply usage to find and utilize the most cost-effective printing methods.

  2. 2. Streamline Your firm’s Printing Processes

    Integrating managed print services into your workflow management system (WMS) allows agile, work-from-anywhere teams to move more quickly, centralize printing, and improve efficiency.

  3. 3. Enhanced Security for Law Firms

    Incorporate managed print into your law office to protect your data, employees, and clients with a multilayered print security strategy. A managed print service can control when a document prints, so the owner is at the printer when it is ready.

  4. 4. Maintenance and Supply Management

    You will never run out of ink or toner for your networked printers and copiers. With your MSP monitoring supplies, services, and equipment, you can focus on your clients.

  5. 5. Reduce Waste In Your Law Office

    You will learn how to maximize the use of your printer’s features to save on ink, paper, and toner during print jobs with the help of your MSP provider.

Ready To Manage Your Printing Costs?

We can help you reduce unnecessary costs, improve your printing environment, and make your law firm more productive with managed print solutions. BDS delivers managed print services to your law firm with unparalleled technology and impeccable support. Contact us today to learn more about our legal managed print solutions.

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July 19, 2022

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