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Postage Meters: Stamped vs Metered Letter

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Is stamped postage costing your business too much?

Pay full price for letters and packages at the Post Office or use a postage meter at the office? Businesses cannot only mail directly from the office postage meter, but it has also become cheaper than traditional postage stamps.

You may use stamped or metered mail to send out letters or packages, depending on the needs of your business. This guide covers the main differences between stamped postage and meter mail.

Metered Mail VS. Stamped mail – What’s the Difference?

A meter mail machine prints first-class postage directly on the envelope. An amount is purchased, electronically uploaded to your meter account, and used as you print postage. In stamped mail, stamps are physically applied to the envelope.

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Metered Letters vs. Stamped Postage: Benefits and Challenges

A postage meter offers many advantages for your business.

  1. Save Money on Postage Costs
    A postage meter ensures that the amount you pay for postage is always accurate. Due to the postage meter’s calculation of Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI) technology, there is no guesswork involved. There will be no need for companies to overestimate postage or waste stamps.
  2. Boost Efficiency and Productivity
    With mailing systems, packages can be weighed and sent with the rest of the mail. In addition to saving employees time, a postage meter provides employees with immediate access to the latest US Postal Service rates.
  3. Discounted First-Class Mail Pieces
    In the current rate structure, metered mail costs $0.57 per ounce, a three-cent discount on first-class mail rates. Small businesses are encouraged to use metered mail by introducing these special rate savings.
  4. Gain Insight into Mail Analytics
    You can monitor, manage, and control postal expenses better by using FP USA, Quadient, DataPac, or Pitney Bowes mailing systems. Gain insight into available postage and ink, cost accounts, and a robust set of reports, invoices, and bills.

Postage Meter Challenges

There can be technical challenges with any piece of mailing equipment.

  • There are set-up fees and administrative costs associated with USPS Commercial Base Rate.
  • You may need to troubleshoot your meter.
  • Recipients may lose individualized touch with a metered stamp versus stamped mail.

Stamped Postage Benefits

Don’t send mail frequently, stamping your letter flat with postage may be the easiest route. The traditional stamp method is perfect for businesses that mail ten or fewer letters weekly.

  • No technology is required.
  • Can choose a stamp design based on the occasion.

How Can I Get a Postage Meter for Metered Letters?

Private citizens are not permitted to buy and own USPS mail-metered mail machines since the USPS suspects abuse could occur.

A meter machine can only be rented by qualified USPS-authorized providers will then be able to rent or lease them a machine. BDS can help you get started by filling out this form.

Here’s How to Get Started With a USPS Meter Mail Machine

With this knowledge, you can see the benefits of investing in a meter machine. You will save time, money, and effort by automating this process from your home or office.

A USPS metered mail machine from BDS is the perfect upgrade for any business. If you still need to decide or are unsure, contact us for a free quote. Our goal is to recommend the most cost-effective meter machine based on our expert knowledge.

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January 26, 2023

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