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FP postage meters – Why your Business Needs One

FP Mailing Solutions

FP Postage Meters are the perfect Mailroom Solution.

Editor’s note: This is the third article in our postage meter series – What is a postage meter?

Processing mail with an FP mailing system saves time and money. FP Mailing products simplify the mail room and shipping process daily so you can concentrate on growing your business.

FP Postage Solutions are USPS® IMI (Intelligent Mail Indicia) Approved

The FP Postage systems are all fully digital, Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI)-compliant postage meters that meet all USPS® standards and requirements. They also utilize the most advanced IMI technology, including a full range of USPS® postal rates, ensuring you always have accurate postal rates.

FP Parcel Shipping Software

FP Parcel Shipping pairs perfectly with a PostBase postage meter to send packages. MyFP’s online shipping application allows users access to mail packages easily and utilize postage discounts while tracking and managing shipments.

Benefits of using FP Mailing Solutions

  • Timesaving without the trip to the post office

    Meters automatically calculate rates and print postage faster than stamps with enveloping sealing options.

  • Technology that reduces errors and saves money

    Postage meters offer users discounts on postage, so they can save money over using stamps. Never overpay for postage with integrated scales.

  • Designed to make life easier

    You can download postage 24 hours a day with a postage meter.

The different types of postage meters offered by FP

FP Mail Solutions provides several postage meters to meet your business’s and budget’s needs. We walk through the top 5 postage meters for small businesses below.

    FP PostBase Mini Image

  1. PostBase® Mini
    This PostBase Mini is ideal for small businesses sending less than $150/mo. in letters and packets per month. Compact and economical, it features a user-friendly touchscreen interface with a manual feeder.

    Key Features of the PostBase Mini:
    • You can process up to 17 letters per minute
    • Make your business stand out with Meter Ads
    • 5 lb. integrated scale
    • Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity
    • Touchscreen user-friendly
    • High-capacity, long-lasting ink cartridges
  2. PostBase® Vision Semi-Auto
    FP PostBase® Vision Semi-Auto
    Small businesses with postage expenses of $250-750/mo. would benefit from this PostBase Vision Semi-Auto. A semi-automatic feeder makes this small mailer easy to use. In 5 different designer colors, this award-winning postage meter is modern and stylish.

    Key Features of the Vision-Semi-Auto:
    • 5″ color touchscreen with intuitive navigation
    • Fast letter processing with 50 letters per minute
    • An envelope sealer
    • The built-in scale saves space
    • Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity
    • Cost accounts for up to 250
  3. FP’s PostBase Vision Auto
    FP PostBase Vision Auto postage meter image
    With a hands-free automatic feeder, you can move your mail quickly and easily through the postage meter. The perfect solution for medium-sized businesses with an average of $500-$1,500 mo. in postage. Secure envelopes with top-of-the-line technology, including analytics and online account management.

    Key Features of the Vision Auto:
    • Automated envelope feeding
    • SealCheck envelope security with sealing status indicator
    • Motorized tilting 5″ touchscreen
    • Scale integrated for up to 15 lbs.
    • Up to 70 letters can be printed per minute
    • Printing of up to 250 cost accounts (via Vision360)
    • Postal rate downloads automatically
    • Printed envelope graphics – 6 standards, 30 customs
  4. FP’s PostBase Vision Advanced
    FP Postbase Vision Advanced Postage Meter
    In its class, this automated feeder offers the best usability and efficiency for mailers who handle high volumes and mixed mail. The PostBase® Vision Advanced stands out with its Stack & Go feeder, large format feed deck, and adjustable anti-skew rollers. With top-of-the-line technology, cloud-based analytics, and high-tech digital solutions, this postage meter is both functional and stylish.

    Key Features of the Vision Advanced:
    • Advanced, large-format auto feeder
    • Anti-skew rollers for mixed mail
    • Differential weighing scale
    • SealCheck envelope security with sealing status light
    • Motorized tilting 5″ touchscreen
    • Scale integrated for up to 15 lbs.
    • Up to 90 letters can be printed per minute
    • Printing of up to 250 cost accounts (via Vision360)
    • Postal rate downloads automatically
    • Printed envelope graphics
  5. PostBase Insight Semi-Auto Postage Meter
    FP PostBase Insight Postage Meter
    With an adjustable touchscreen, intuitive interface, and seamless connectivity, the PostBase® insight Semi-Auto is a fully digital, IMI-compliant mailing system. You can take advantage of postal discounts and complementary software solutions with PostBase® insight Semi-Auto.

    Key Features of the Vision Advanced:
    • A semi-automatic envelope-feeding system
    • An adjustable 4.3″ color touchscreen
    • Scale integrated for weighing up to 5 pounds
    • Produces 25 letters per minute
    • Cost Account tracking – five accounts
    • Automatic postal rate downloads
    • High-speed internet connection (LAN)
  6. Interested in learning more about FP Postage Meters?

    By automating your mailroom processes with a postage meter, you can save time and money when you regularly send more than a few envelopes. Meters are available in many sizes to meet your business’s mailing requirements.

    With our mail and postage solutions, BDS can help you create a cost-effective workflow and increase efficiency. Our goal is to ensure that your office runs smoothly.

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December 13, 2022

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